Monday, June 27, 2011

My Trip to Florida

I drove down to Florida this weekend. I left my children here with Audrey and my mother, and this was the first time that I have been away from my children except for the times when I've been in the hospital having another one. Yes, I missed them, but it was kind of nice to have some time alone with John. The purposes for our trip were to look at a few houses -- to buy or to rent, visit a church, and just look around the area some.

The house hunt went well, except that we were unable to go into any rental houses. But we did look at three houses. One would not do at all, but two are possibilities. One is out of our price range, but it's a foreclosure, so we're hoping the bank will take our low-ball offer. However, if the bank rejects our extremely low offer, we really like the other house, too, and we'll just take that one. We figure that if God wants us to have the bigger, more expensive house, we'll get it with our low offer. If not, well, we won't! Both houses are fairly close together and in a good location -- about 20 minutes from John's work, 20 minutes from the "big" city (which is actually smaller than the small city we live in), and the church we will probably attend.

There is only one Presbyterian (PCA) church in the area, and we were really hoping that we would like it when we visited it yesterday. It's a little different that what we're used to and will require a little adjustment. For the most part, though, we liked it. As far as we can tell from the website and the one service we attended, it is theologically correct. Also, it has a traditional worship style which we like. We look forward to returning. A big bonus is the fact that there are lots and lots of small children, so ours ought to fit in well. As a matter of fact, this church is larger than the one we're attending now.

The information we had been given and our first visit led us to believe that this area would not have much to offer. We were wrong. We were surprised at what all we found, and the area seems to be growing. There is a larger city (still fairly small) about half an hour away (well, I guess an hour from our potential house) that has even more options, so I think we'll have everything we need or want without having to drive too far.

What did you do this weekend?


Laura said...

Glad your trip went well! We'll pray that they take your offer on the foreclosure. And that your house sells quickly!

Nikki said...

Thanks, Laura!

Dawn said...

I nursed a very sick daughter. My 11 yr old has a middle ear infection, with swimmer's ear and a nasty virus on top of that. She has been miserable and in a lot of ear pain since Friday. Not a fun week-end!!

Nikki said...

Dawn, I'm so sorry! That doesn't sound like fun at all. I hope that your daughter is feeling better today.

Aurie said...

So glad that your trip went well, and that you may have found a house! How exciting!!