Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Anchor Holds

I've gotten away from sharing hymns on Sundays, and I don't really know why. I hope to continue this series more frequently. If nothing else, I enjoy reading them as I post them! Here's another one that I haven't sung in a long time.

Though the angry surges roll
On my tempest driven soul,
I am peaceful, for I know,
Wildly though the winds may blow,
I’ve an anchor safe and sure,
That can evermore endure.


And it holds, my anchor holds:
Blow your wildest, then, O gale,
On my bark so small and frail;
By His grace I shall not fail,
For my anchor holds, my anchor holds.

Mighty tides about me sweep,
Perils lurk within the deep,
Angry clouds o’ershade the sky,
And the tempest rises high;
Still I stand the tempest’s shock,
For my anchor grips the rock.


I can feel the anchor fast
As I meet each sudden blast,
And the cable, though unseen,
Bears the heavy strain between;
Through the storm I safely ride,
Till the turning of the tide.


Troubles almost ’whelm the soul;
Griefs like billows o’er me roll;
Tempters seek to lure astray;
Storms obscure the light of day:
But in Christ I can be bold,
I’ve an anchor that shall hold.


words by William C. Martin

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Marva said...

I love this song! I have thought a lot about it since you posted this yesterday! Thank you for the reminder! What a great God we serve!!!