Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First OB Appointment

I had my first OB appointment yesterday at fourteen weeks. While my doctor was absolutely fine with my waiting so long to be seen, the nurse apparently thought I was nuts. On the way to the exam room, she asked me if I had known I was pregnant. Um, yeah. I also had an ultrasound which showed one healthy baby measuring at 14 weeks and four days. That pushed up my due date from December 13 (which I had calculated) to December 8. Yea! I lost eight days already off my pregnancy! Everything looks fine, and I am so happy that my doctor doesn't want to treat me as a high risk pregnancy just because I passed that magical age. However, she did feel the need to offer me an amniocentesis, etc. just in case.... I had already thought about it and talked with John, and I told her, "No. Even if something is 'wrong' with the baby, I am still going to have it." I'm glad that that was that, and she put no more pressure on me.


Aurie said...

Yay!! I LOVE ultrasounds and watching the babies move :)

Mindy said...

Yay!! How exciting!