Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blueberry Pickin'

We went blueberry pickin' with some friends yesterday morning. I didn't want to pick too many since we're moving soon (hopefully!), and I know they won't travel well. But I really wanted to do this since fresh blueberries are wonderful, as are blueberry muffins, blueberry pancakes, and of course, Mrs. Darling's Blueberry Coffee Cake. (I think I even have some ricotta cheese in the fridge.)

Sarah Beth was a big help filling our buckets.

Daniel, however, was not. Every single blueberry he picked ended up in his mouth. Even the ones that our friends put in his bucket, he ate.

One of our little friends enjoyed feeding Rachel some blueberries. If Rachel were walking, she wouldn't have to be in the stroller. When I told her this, she just smiled at me like she didn't care.

I just think this is a cute picture. Look at both little girls with mouths full of blueberries.

Have you been berry pickin' this summer?


Laura said...

I didn't notice yesterday, but Sarah Beth looks like a blueberry in that shirt. :)

Tracey said...

What fun! We'll be berry picking in the next couple of weeks and I'm thankful that my daughters are old enough to help - though plenty still end up in their mouths, too! ;)

Nikki said...

Laura, I know! Doesn't she?

Tracey, have fun! Your daughters should be good helpers for you!

Marva said...

What fun!!! We actually have bb bushes and we ae already picking them to sale. We have about 20 bushes. the boys love to pick them and sale them too! :)