Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Year's Goals: April Review

It's that time again, time to review my goals for the New Year. I'm not doing well, but I think I have a good excuse.
  • Homeschooling. Nope. Not at all. Since I just want to lie on the couch all day, I've given up...for now. When I start feeling better, however, I plan to start kindergarten with Sarah Beth. We'll work hard until the baby comes, and then the plan is to take a few months off, finishing up sometime in the spring or early summer.
  • Rachel walking. She has started cruising a little bit, but she really isn't interested in walking. I keep telling her that she must, MUST be walking before this baby comes. I'm NOT carrying two babies!
  • Being a better wife. Right now, honestly, John is being a better husband. He is such a big help these days.
  • Memorizing Scripture. We'll get back to this, hopefully, soon.
  • Reading two books a month. I'm getting a lot of reading done these days. It takes my mind off of things.
  • Practicing hospitality. Hopefully, when I'm feeling better.
  • Crocheting. Ugh! I haven't picked up a hook in a couple of weeks. I don't understand why crocheting exacerbates my nausea.
  • Exercising. Ha! I can barely get out of bed in the morning, so I'm certainly not getting up early to walk around the neighborhood.
  • Cleaning schedule? I don't even have the energy to vacuum the living room, much less clean anything else.
I think I'm going to put my goals on the shelf for a few months, maybe even the rest of the year, until things settle down. Who am I kidding? Life won't settle down at the beginning of next year, either, with a new baby in the house. Maybe I'll get back to my goals, and maybe not. And I refuse to feel guilty about it at all.


Tracey said...

No guilt allowed! I'm sure your current goal is to make it through your pregnancy with your sanity intact and keep yourself and your baby healthy. I'm confident you're meeting that goal as best you can!

Nikki said...

Tracey, you are so right! The only things I'm concerned with right now are taking care of my children and taking care of myself and this new baby. That's enough for now!

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

I say definitely put those on the shelf right now! Relax, take it easy, and enjoy your pregnancy!

Marva said...

Absolutely not guilt! Trust me there is none here either! LOL!

Here's my devotion for yesterday am that I thought you might enjoy! It hit home for me!

If you can't get it this way...let me know and I can email it to you!

Nikki said...

Kate, thanks for the encouragement!

Marva, I enjoyed that. Thanks!

Laura said...

I think putting your goals on the shelf is a wonderful idea! You've done great with them up until now, and if anyone has an excuse to take a break with them, then you do!

Nikki said...

Thanks, Laura!