Monday, May 23, 2011

Everything (and More) that You Want to Know about Our Move

I'm sorry for all of the book reviews lately, but I've been reading a lot lately. Now that I'm starting to feel better and we have this move coming up soon, it's time for me to start knuckling down and getting to work.

John has this week off work, so my schedule will be topsy-turvy. That means that I may or may not be able to post much this week. Also, I just don't have much to tell you...unless you want daily updates of what I'm doing to get ready to move, and that doesn't sound like fun to me.

I'm sure that you have all kinds of questions about our move, so here are some answers for you:
  • We're not sure when John will actually start his new job, so we're not sure when we're going to move. The plan is, however, for John to go down at some point and find housing for us. Whether he does that after he starts work or at some point beforehand, we don't know yet.
  • His new company will pay for housing for us for two months. That will give us time to sell our house (hopefully!) and figure out exactly where in the area we would like to live.
  • I'm actually looking forward to looking at houses this time. When we moved into this house, I was relieved that John did most of the legwork with me just looking at the few he narrowed it down to. But I'm not so sure about dragging three little children along with us. Hmmm.
  • This will be a company-move, meaning that John's new company will pay to have us moved. Yippee!! I've never had one of those before, but I think it will be absolutely wonderful not to have to pack up anything.
  • Well, okay. I will have to pack up what we need for those two months: clothes, toys, books, kitchen things, etc. But it's not everything in the house! (I should probably start a list....)
  • My goal for this week is to go through the different rooms in the house and get rid of things that we don't want to move (otherwise known as trash).
What else would you like to know? I'm not posting the exact area we're moving to; you'll have to "friend" me on facebook for that!


Bev Cannon said...

Sounds like you a taking it all in stride, and that's great! If there is anything we can do to help with your move, please let me know. We can babysit the kids at the church for a while for you and John to pack stuff... or just find boxes, or meet you out for pizza. Just let me know what we can do.

Nikki said...

Bevalie, thank you! I will certainly keep your offer in mind. As I look around the house, I see more and more that needs to be done, and I'm starting to get overwhelmed.

Tracey said...

I've never had anyone move us before either, so I'm excited for you! Hope it works well!

Marva said...

How exciting! Praying for a swift transition!