Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday's Tip: Making Mondays Less Stressful

Mondays tend to be stressful days in my home. Because it's the beginning of the week, certain things need to be done, like making the menu and grocery list, and baking bread. And some things just don't get done over the weekend, like picking up, so they need to be done on Monday. These things combine to make a busy, stressful day. On top of it all, we're all usually tired from the weekend. Sundays should be a day of rest, but sometimes they're just not.

I used to try to get some cleaning done on Mondays, too, specifically, the bathrooms. I also usually need to make a loaf of bread. I would keep an eye on the clock while I wiped down the mirrors, counters, and sinks. Then I would run downstairs to take the bread out of the bread machine to let it rise the second time. Then I would run back upstairs to clean the toilets. Then I would run back downstairs to pop the bread in the oven. Then I would run back upstairs to finish the shower and tub. What a headache! (But I did get my exercise!)

One day, I decided that all of this stress was ridiculous, and I set out to decrease the number of chores I have on Monday. I don't clean anymore on Monday; it can wait until Tuesday when the bread is already made. I do still have to make the menu and grocery list on Monday so I can go to the grocery store Monday night, but I start thinking about the menu on Sunday. I may not write anything down, but I get an idea in my head. I don't cook anything elaborate on Monday, either. John is usually late getting home from work on Mondays, and I'm already stressed, so we have something quick and easy. Sometimes, we'll have grilled cheese sandwiches with a salad or leftovers, and sometimes I will even pull a casserole out of the freezer. Something easy.

Are your Mondays stressful? Is there something you can do to make them less so?


Marva said...

Yes, Monday's are but then again here lately most days are stressful. I seem to have no roder to anything these days. I just do them as needed and sometimes later than needed. Hugs!

Nikki said...

Marva, you certainly have your hands full these days. I wish there was something (other than praying) that I could do for you.