Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Swagbucks

Do you use Swagbucks? If not, you're missing out on free, yes, free, money. I usually earn enough Swagbucks to get two or three $5 gift cards to Amazon per month. No, that's not a ton of money, but it's not peanuts, either. And I am able to do this without spending loads of time on the computer. I limit my time so that my children don't think I'm attached to it.

Here's how I do it:
  • When I first get on the computer in the morning, I head to Swagbucks and get the Swagbucks TV going. After "watching" ten videos, you can earn 3 Swagbucks, but you don't actually have to watch the videos. After getting it started, I open up another tab so I can continue with my computer time. I just have to remember to go back periodically and start another video so I can keep collecting.
  • After opening up the second tab, I head back to Swagbucks and take care of a couple of housekeeping things. I answer the daily poll for one Swagbuck, I view the NOSO (no obligation special offers) which takes about five seconds for two more Swagbucks, and then I view the trusted surveys for one more. (Don't forget to start a new video!)
  • About the Trusted Surveys, I don't have the time to take them. But when I used to make the time, I discovered that I rarely qualify for them. So I don't even try anymore. But you can also earn Swagbucks by filling out your profile.
  • Then I start searching. I used Swagbucks to search for everything. I visit hotmail after searching for it; I find my blog using Swagbucks; I find your blog using Swagbucks. Almost every site I visit on the internet, I search for using Swagbucks.
  • Apparently, if you sign up for Swagbucks by using one of the links in this post, I will receive more Swagbucks. I don't know how many because I've never had it happen before, but I would love to find out!
So, do you use Swagbucks? What other tips do you have to share? Am I missing anything?


Tracey said...

I use Swagbucks as well and am thrilled with all the Amazon gift cards I've been able to get.

I use it in a similar fashion. I'm not a big "online games" person, but I typically play two short games for free each morning and win two swagbucks that way. Synonymous only takes one minute and there are a couple of others that don't take much time.

Nikki said...

Tracey, occasionally, I play a couple of games, too, ones that don't take too long.

Laura said...

I use it too, but only for searching. I didn't realize you could do all those other things!

Nikki said...

Laura, oh, yes! If you're not doing them, you're missing out!