Thursday, April 21, 2011

Book Review: Galileo by Mitch Stokes

I'm sorry for my lack of posting this week, but I'm not feeling well. Also, I just don't have anything about which to write. I did finish this book last night, so I have something for you to read today. Hopefully, my writer's block will be gone next week.

Galileo by Mitch Stokes tells the story of Galileo and his attempt to get the Catholic church to recognize Copernicanism (or how the earth revolves around the sun). Contrary to popular belief, however, Galileo did not want to start a revolt within the church. After he invented the telescope, he just wanted others to give up Aristotelianism (which has the earth as the center of the universe) because of the data he found. Galileo never wanted to fight the church; as a matter of fact, he was a good Catholic and probably a good Christian. His findings just weren't consistent with the prevailing beliefs of the time. When he was asked to recant, Galileo did not hesitate; he immediately complied because he understood that he was under the Church's authority.

I've read a couple of other books in this series*, and I have enjoyed them all. I wasn't disappointed in this one, either. It is well-written and easy to read, but all the important information is related. My one negative comment about this book are the snide comments the author feels compelled to share: opera was "unfortunately" produced; "this merely confirms what most of us already suspected. Mathematics is trouble." Other than these unnecessary opinions, I recommend this book.

I want to thank BookSneeze for letting me review this book, but my opinions are my own.

*William F. Buckley by Jeremy Lott and Isaac Newton by Mitch Stokes


Marva said...

I've been missing you! Should I say, "get well" or "congratulations"? ;) Hugs to you, sweet friend!

Nikki said...

You're funny, Marva!

Charity said...

I haven't read them, but these seem like great little biographies! Hope you are feeling better soon! :)

Nikki said...

Thanks, Chari!