Monday, March 28, 2011

What's That I Hear?

The other night, as I was watching some television, I heard a strange noise at one of our windows. I just figured it was raining and was thankful for that. (We always seem to need rain here in Georgia.) As I continued to listen, however, I realized that it wasn't rain; it sounded like a bird fluttering his wings against our window. But I caught a quick glimpse and realized it wasn't a bird; rather, it was a bat.

I started to say a quick prayer for the bat, that he would stop beating against my window before he got hurt. Then my conscience pricked me, and I heard that "still, small voice" say, "What about the people of Japan?" Immediately, I thought of Jonah and his sorrow for God having killed "his" vine when he wanted God to destroy the people of Nineveh. Of course, I don't want anything else bad to happen to the Japanese, but I also don't want my heart to become hardened to the disasters that struck them.

As the story of the earthquake and the tsunami that hit Japan dies down, I am afraid that we will forget to pray. The people over there are still hurting, still reeling from what happened. Yes, life goes; in Japan, many people are having to start all over.

Please, please don't forget to pray for the Japanese. Please don't let me forget, either.

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Doris Sturm said...

I can't imagine forgetting to pray because I do it unconsciously - at random - throughout the day for I see how much I have to be thankful for and dare not take anything for granted.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and it's nice meeting you :-)