Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What do you Think About Outrageous Kids' Parties?

Last night, I watched about ten minutes of Outrageous Kids' Parties on TLC. I don't usually watch shows like this, but I was trying to finish a row on the blanket I'm crocheting. This little girl who was about to turn eight years old was having a rock star party which was going to cost her parents $10-12,000. Can you believe it? The child was obviously spoiled, and one of the many sad things about her was that she talked like Daniel who is only three. She was excited to be having a "wock staw pawty." (I think the parents should have spent the money on speech therapy.)

While there are obviously a lot of problems in this family, I don't want to try to comment on them especially since I didn't even watch the whole show. But I feel sorry for this little girl. She talks like a preschooler, and that should have been corrected years ago. The poor thing thinks the world revolves around her because her mother orchestrates the family's affairs around her and "her moods." She is learning that she is more important than everyone else because her mother didn't have elaborate parties like this for her brother. She is being taught that money buys happiness...or maybe she's learning that it doesn't.

I don't know the family, and I only know a little about them from the few minutes I saw of this show, but I am certain that my children are happier than this little girl. We don't have elaborate parties for them, usually just my parents come over. But our children know that their parents love them and spend time with them. They are learning that the world does not revolve around them. We're still working on the issue of importance, but I think they will learn that they're not any more important than anyone else. And if Daniel's speech doesn't improve, we'll be doing speech therapy for him.

In short, I feel sorry for this little girl because when she grows up, she will have hard lessons to learn. The world will not revolve around her, and it doesn't matter what Mommy says, she is not any better than anyone else. It will be very hard for her to be a productive member of society which is what we're trying very hard to teach our children. It will blow her little mind when she gets her first job, and her boss doesn't care what she thinks and expects her to be there on time and do her job. It will be a rude awakening, and it will not be her fault.

Have you seen or heard about this show? What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

I saw part of the episode you're talking about. I agree with you, that families like that don't have any intention of teaching their children things of value. I also think that televising something like this might make it look like it's okay for parents to spoil their children. All in all, I think Outrageous Kid Parties is a terrible show, but it's reality, therefore it's what many people want to see.