Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Understanding of a Child

Sunday, as I helped Daniel put his socks on for church, we had this conversation.

Me: It's hard getting these socks on, isn't it?
Daniel: When you walk in water, you have to have pig feet.
Me: (thinking What? What do you mean? Walking in water? Where did that come from?) Pig feet? Do you mean big feet? (Which still doesn't make sense.)
Sarah Beth: When you walk in water, you have to have bare [bear] feet.

Then it all became clear. While John washed his car on Saturday, he let the children play in the puddles he created, but he insisted that they take their shoes off, hence the bare, or bear, feet.

Do your children surprise you and make you scratch your head in confusion like this? It reminds me of a conversation with Sarah Beth that I had years ago about goldfish and cookies....


Laura said...

That's funny! We do have conversations like that sometimes, and I frequently never figure out what is going through their heads. :)

Nikki said...

Laura, they are so funny that I just have to laugh sometimes! Being funny like that is a wonderful gift from God, isn't it, because sometimes, well, children make life hard, just because they're children.

Dawn@One Faithful Mom said...

As a matter of fact, just today my 4 yr old son said the funniest thing...well, at least I thought it was funny.
He was talking on and on and on about what I though was something called "Pickle me." I kept wondering what he was talking about. That's when one of my other kids clued me in. "Mom, he's saying "Despicable Me", you know, the movie!" Oh! Um, yeah.
But it sounds exactly like Pickle Me when he says it!!

Nikki said...

Dawn, I do that all the time - where I don't know exactly what my children are saying. As a matter of fact, Daniel used to call me Mondy, and it took the longest time for me to figure out that's what he meant. I wanted to cry when he stopped.

Dawn @ One Faithful Mom said...

Oh gosh, I KNOW!!!! My sweet little girl, Courtney, couldn't say Lauren when she started talking, so she called her bigger sister La La. It was so cute, but she quickly grew out of it.
I have noticed lately she has started calling her La La again, even though she is now 6 and can speak just fine! It warms my heart!!

Nikki said...

That is cute. Daniel still calls his sister, "Sister," sometimes which we think is cute. It used to be "Sissie."