Monday, March 14, 2011

This Week's Celebrations!

Did you know that today is Pi Day? Do you even know what I mean? The Greek letter pi? 3.14? I know that I'm a math nerd. *Sigh*

I figure the best way to celebrate Pi Day is with round objects. And the best way to celebrate is always with food, isn't it? So, to commemorate Pi Day, we're having pancakes for breakfast, hot dogs for lunch, and Ham and Spinach Pie for supper. I was going to make a Key Lime Pie (John's favorite) for dessert, but we're having one of his friends from college over Tuesday night, so I thought we'd leave the pie until then.

What are your thoughts about Pi Day? Do you think I'm just a big nerd? Or will you be celebrating, too?

Speaking of holidays, Saint Patrick's Day is coming up. How will you celebrate it? Sarah Beth and I start the day off with a trip to the dentist. She's looking forward to showing off her new teeth (yes, there are two now). Afterwards, we're going to make green cupcakes. I just need an excuse (not even a good one) to make cupcakes. Yum!

What are you celebrating this week? What fun things do you have planned? If you need some suggestions, Jessica at Life as Mom has a few here.

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Laura said...

I did not know that it was Pi day, but celebrating with a pie sounds like a wonderful idea to me!