Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sarah Beth's First Rite of Passage

This morning when I started brushing Sarah Beth's teeth, I had quite a surprise. There was another tooth in her mouth, right behind her baby teeth. Of course, once I realized what it was, I knew it was a permanent tooth coming in. I wondered why John hadn't seen it last night when he brushed her teeth, but I hadn't seen it, either, when I brushed her teeth yesterday morning. It must have popped through during the night. And of course, that's when I discovered that the corresponding baby tooth was loose.

I finished brushing Sarah Beth's teeth, then we sat down to have a talk. While we have talked a little bit about baby teeth coming out and being replaced with adult teeth, I knew there was more that I needed to say. She used to say that she didn't want to turn six because that's when she (and we!) thought her teeth would start falling out. I explained how her baby teeth needed to come out to make room for her adult teeth. Then I told her all about the Tooth Fairy. Since she has been a little fearful about losing her teeth, I tried to make it sound as exciting and fun as I could.

Poor thing! She wasn't ready for this! I wasn't ready for this! But she's doing better than I am. I feel like this is our first "rite of passage," and oh boy! we were not ready for it.

How did you feel when your child lost his first tooth? What did you do to help him through the process? What should I not do?

Now I need to go buy some apples and carrots to help that rascally baby tooth come out!


Laura said...

Yay for Sarah Beth! We just lost our first tooth last month. Abigail was our first, which was interesting since she is so dramatic. There was much weeping and wailing, but now it's a big deal and she's very proud of it. When it was loose and she was nervous about losing it, we just didn't make a big deal over it. "Your tooth will fall out to make room for your permanent tooth. It usually doesn't hurt, though it may bleed a little. It's a good thing!" We don't do the tooth fairy...they don't even know what it is. She put her tooth in a plastic bag and donated it to medical science (aka asked Papa to take it to dental school so he could work on it!) Sarah Beth will look cute with a missing tooth. :)

Nikki said...

Laura, I can't believe that Abigail lost teeth before Joshua! Wow! I can imagine how dramatic she was. As for Sarah Beth looking cute without a tooth, well, maybe next time since she already has this tooth coming in.