Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago today, I married the most wonderful man in the entire world. No, I am not exaggerating. Just as our children are the most beautiful in the world, so is my husband the BEST! Let me list just a few of the ways:
  • He is hardworking in order to provide for our family.
  • He makes me laugh.
  • He is a great father.
  • He loves me in spite of my moods and fickleness.
  • He is dependable.
  • He is trustworthy.
  • He is kind.
  • He is compassionate.
  • He's awfully handsome.
These ten years feel like such a short time, and yet I cannot remember what life was like B.J. (Before John).

Happy anniversary, Sweetie!

(I'm sorry about the quality of the picture. I had to take a picture of a picture which doesn't work well because we got married before digital pictures were common.)


Marva said...

Happy Anniversary Nikki and John! Blessings!

Nikki said...

Thanks, Marva!

Mindy said...

Happy Anniversary!

Laura said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Hope you have a fun date!

Nikki said...

Thanks, Mindy and Laura!

Tracey said...

Wishing you a very happy anniversary!! Sounds like you have been blessed with a wonderful man!

Nikki said...

Thanks, Tracey! I certainly have!

Mrs. U said...

Happy (late) anniversary!!!!!! YAY for 10 years!!!

I had to laugh about you taking a picture of a picture- I did the same thing!! Yes, we were married before digital cameras were "the thing", too! I hadn't even heard of one "back then"! HAHA!!