Friday, February 11, 2011

Booking It: February Review

One of my goals for this year is to read two books a month. Hmmm. Maybe I underestimated myself. Then again, I started a couple of these books in late December, and here it is almost the middle of February, which is a time span of almost two months. How did I find find the time to read so many books? Ten minutes here, five minutes there....
  • I really enjoyed reading Confederate Corsair: The Life of Lt. Charles W. "Savez" Read by Robert A. Jones because I enjoy reading history. This book tells the story of Read and his escapades during the War of Northern Aggression. I was amazed at how one man (and his ship) could strike such fear into maritime commerce; as a matter of fact, the United States did not recover from Read's 20-day looting spree as a Confederate captain until World War I. I hadn't read a book about naval warfare, so I learned a lot.
  • The Faith of Ronald Reagan by Mary Brown chronicles the life story of Reagan from his humble (re: poor) beginnings all the way to being the most powerful man in the world. The best part of this book is its focus on Reagan's faith which I did not realize was as strong as it was. (Read my full review here.)
  • The Miracle of Mercy Land by River Jordan is a strange story. Mercy Land works for the local newspaper editor "Doc," and one night a book appears mysteriously, i.e. supernaturally, on Doc's desk. This book has the ability to show the entire life of the people within its pages. They decide the book has appeared in order for Doc to make right a wrong he committed many years ago, and John Quincy is brought into the story. Of course, John is not who he appears to be. (Read my full review here.)
  • I made time to read Toilet Training without Tantrums from Parent or Child by John Rosemond because it was that time for my son. This book, well, it does what it says. I enjoyed reading the history of potty training, how our grandparents had their children (our parents) trained before they turned two; now we think it's unusual for a child to use the toilet independently at that age. (He's doing GREAT by the way.)
  • I started reading Bright Against the Storm by Ari Heinze and got three-quarters of the way through when something came up and took my book away. It's Christian fantasy, and I really wanted to like it, but when I got the book back, I just wasn't motivated to finish it. Anyway, it tells the story of a newly made knight who goes on a quest for his king, hoping to save their country from war.
  • Harriet Tubman by Rebecca Price Janney is a nice, short read about this amazing woman who was born into slavery. After she escaped from slavery, she returned to the South many times, rescuing other slaves. During the War of Northern Aggression, she worked for the Union Army as a scout and in hospitals. After the war, Tubman continued to work for her people, helping them become educated and better able to support themselves.
  • I also reviewed God Gave us the World by Lisa T. Bergren and Laura J. Bryant which is a nice children's book.
My list of books keeps growing! And it seems like I have a theme: books about the War for Southern Secession. (Last year, it was World War II.) Do you have a reading list for the year? If so, head over to Life as Mom, and join the fun!


Anonymous said...

I love history books! The book about Reagan seems interesting, thanks for the suggestion! I'm writing a paper on him for my History final, so I'm trying to collect as many books about him as I can. :)

Laura said...

Wow, Nikki! You must be a fast reader. I feel great if I can read one book every 2 or 3 months.

Nikki said...

Morgansvoice, thanks for dropping by! I bet you'll like the book on Reagan; it has a lot of his own words in it, and it focuses on his faith.

Laura, I read when I can; it's something that I love to do. It helps that I picked short books this month!

Shonda said...

Wow, you have read a lot of great books. Yes, it's hard to find time to read, but it's my outlet and it keeps my brain active. It's one of my favorite hobbies. We need to toilet train our son, but we'll wait until he's closer to 3. I don't think he's ready at 26 mo and I will be having another baby in 3 months. Too much transition!

Nikki said...

Shonda, I just started potty training Daniel a couple of weeks ago, so I completely understand waiting...because I did! You've got plenty of time, especially with a new baby coming.