Wednesday, January 12, 2011


For the second time this winter, it snowed! Sarah Beth and Daniel are both old enough to enjoy playing in it, and they had a blast! Poor Rachel is too young, but then, she also didn't realize what she was missing. She took a nap while we played outside in the morning.

Doesn't the snow make everything look beautiful?

Sarah Beth enjoyed eating the snow.

She didn't want to be still for me to take her picture.

The only gloves we had for Daniel were a pair of ladies cotton gloves which he wore more like mittens. He didn't complain.

It was fun just running around in the snow.

John was able to come home early, and we all took a walk after lunch. I wasn't sure what to do with Rachel...until I remembered my ergo. She was a great sport, even though she couldn't see anything but my back and her hood.

We came back earlier than John and the older two children because it was raining (freezing rain). Isn't she cute, all bundled up?


Marva said...

I love the snow...perhaps because we get it so infrequently?!

I love the pics! It looks like Sarah Beth was making a meal off of the snow!!! LOL

We are still froze in this am with schools and some roads still closed.

Nikki said...

Yes, we definitely love our snow down here, don't we? You're still snowed in? Wow! You must have gotten more than we did.

Laura said...

Great pictures! Looks like ya'll had fun. Daniel looks so good in green!