Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rachel's First Birthday

Today is Rachel's first birthday. What a special, wonderful addition she has been to our family. Here are just some of the reasons we love her:
  • She is exuberant. Rachel loves to smile and laugh, especially at her big brother and sister. John and I agree that she laughs more easily and often than Sarah Beth and Daniel did at her age. Who doesn't love a happy baby?
  • Rachel loves to scream. She screams because she is happy. She screams when she is upset. And she screams just to remind you that she is in the room.
  • Rachel is emotional. In addition to her happiness, she is also quick to fuss...which doesn't usually last long. When she decides she is done with her bottle and pushes it away, she'll fuss, even though there is still milk in it. Silly girl! Of course, her fussing lasts all of two seconds, then she's back to smiling.
In our family, each birthday brings new responsibilities. Here are Rachel's:
  • Rachel needs to learn to walk. Period. End of story. But there's no hurry; as a matter of fact, I won't complain if she waits a few more months.
  • Potty training hopefully will happen this year. I've been reading Toilet Training without Tantrums from Parent or Child by John Rosemond, and I'm a believer. But first, there's Daniel....
Things aren't going to work out for us to celebrate tonight, but my parents are coming over for supper tomorrow night. I plan to make rainbow cupcakes, and if they turn out well, I'll show you how to make them tomorrow...the good Lord willing and the Creek don't rise, as my Granny used to say.

So, happy birthday to my sweet, not-a-baby-anymore Rachel!


Marva said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Rachel!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday, Rachel! Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating.

Tracey said...

Happy (belated) birthday to your precious little one!! Hope everyone's feeling better today!