Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Do You Think?

Do you think Sarah Beth is ready for school?

The other day, she was coloring pictures of pigs, and she asked me to write "pig" for her. She wanted to see what it looked like.

I wrote "PIG" for her underneath her try. (I know that's really a boar; deal with it!)

She wrote this "PIG." Didn't she do a great job? "G"'s are hard!

Here's a better look.

I'm so proud of her!


Pamela said...

Yes, I'd say she's ready. :-) Such a sweet family you have. And I'm happy you are allowing God the "build the house."

Marva said...

I agree! She's ready! Great job Sarah Beth! And Nikki, you are doing a wonderful job as Mommy/Teacher!

Laura said...

Way to go, Sarah Beth! And Mommy. :) She does well with coloring too.