Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My New Floor Cleaner

I just love my new floor cleaner! Let me count the ways:
  • She's self-propelled; no more pushing a mop and broom for me!
  • She buffs the floor as she sweeps. That army crawl does amazing things on my floor!
  • Don't forget about the suction. Anything and everything that she finds on the floor goes into her mouth. I don't even need a dust pan anymore!
  • Last, but certainly not least, she's awfully cute.
How do you keep your floors clean? You really ought to get one of these!


Laura said...

Definitely an adorable floor cleaner! If she's like my babies, she does wet mopping too with all of the drool!

Nikki said...

Laura, there's not so much drool (she's my first drool-less baby), but there is some spit up. There's nothing like a good spit shine, is there?!

Marva said...

Super cute floor cleaner! :)

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