Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Goals for 2011

A couple of years ago, I posted my New Year's Goals, and then I reviewed them throughout the year to see how I was doing. I added, subtracted, and revised as needed, and I really enjoyed the process. Last year at this time, however, I had a horrible sinus infection; I was so busy trying just to breathe that I just couldn't get around to making any goals. When I finally did get around to thinking about it, I realized that I was going to have a baby soon, and then I would be in "survival mode" for a while. I knew there wasn't really any point in making goals that I wouldn't be able to keep.

But now, my baby is almost a year old (can you believe it?), and I am no longer in "survival mode." I feel like it's a good time to set some goals for myself for the upcoming year.
  • It's time to start homeschooling. Sarah Beth is only four, but she is ready for school. She doesn't think she is, but I know she is. I've been putting it off because I already have my hands full, and she is only four. With the new year, I plan to spend 10-15 minutes four days a week with Sarah Beth, teaching her how to read. That should get us at least used to the idea because when fall arrives, it will be time for kindergarten.
  • Daniel is going to get potty trained this year if it kills me. And it just might, if the process is even half as hard as it was with Sarah Beth. In all fairness to Daniel, we haven't really tried yet. Another project I've been putting off. *Sigh*
  • Rachel ought to learn to walk sometime this year with or without my help. (That's an easy one, at least for me!)
  • I'm sure I could be a better wife to John. I just don't have any specifics yet.
  • John does want us to find a hobby that we can enjoy together. Do you have any ideas? He doesn't want to crochet, and I don't want to hunt. *Sigh*
  • I have got to get better at working with my children to memorize Scripture. I have seriously been remiss in this.
  • Since I don't have nearly the time during the day to read (like all day long!), I have decided to rethink my reading time. I plan to read a "good" book for ten to fifteen minutes during nap time/play time. (A "good" book is an educational one, whether about faith, a biography, or history.) And I will read a fun (fictional or biographical) book for ten to fifteen minutes before bedtime. Hopefully, I will be able to read two books a month, but we'll see.
  • I plan to participate in Booking It over at Life as Mom so you will get to read about all the books I read. I will post more about this goal next Monday.
  • John and I both enjoy having people over, so we plan to continue practicing hospitality.
  • Since I love making baby blankets, my goal is to make at least six for our church's blanket ministry.
  • I need to finish John's blanket.
  • I hate to exercise, but I know that I need to do it. The best time I have found is early in the morning before my children wake up. I like to walk around the neighborhood, listening to a book on my iPod. (Un)fortunately, it's too cold right now. I guess I'll have to wait until spring to work on this one. (Guilty smile.)
  • I am not happy with my haphazard cleaning schedule. I hope to come up with something new so that every part of my house gets cleaned at least once a month. (Some things will be cleaned more often, like the kitchen floor.)
I'm sure these goals will be revised as the year progresses, but I think this is a good starting point.

Do you make goals for the new year? What are they?


Annie said...

Hi Nikki! I admire your determination to set goals. About most of them, I have no suggestions (I was a homeschooling mom of 4 for 15 years, so I'm on the back side of that!). However, you should check out for help with your housekeeping and organization. She makes it so easy - breaks it down into small goals that can be accomplished in 7-10 minutes whenever you have time during the day. She sends out a daily email that has lots of encouragement and helps keep us on track. I wish I'd had that while I was in the midst of homeschooling 4 kids. Maybe you can give it a try!
Anna Belle

Nikki said...

Thanks, Annie, for the suggestions. I have used Flylady in the past, and maybe I ought to look into it again.