Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday's Tip: Write it Down!

Do you have trouble remembering to do everything that you are supposed to do? Especially the things that don't come along very often? Do you like to make lists and check things off them? Then you need a place to keep all these lists, and it doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive.

I have been using a spiral bound notebook for a couple of years to keep track of what needs to be done when. This year I decided that I would like something a little nicer, maybe a little handier, too; so I priced a Daytimer-type thing, and the cost (around $100) was prohibitive. I decided that my trusty spiral bound notebook worked just fine, and at $0.25 was a lot more cost effective (cheaper!). Here is what I have:

It's just a standard spiral bound notebook in which I have handwritten the dates and days of the week. During the weekend, I plan my week, writing in each day what needs to be done. I use a highlighter to mark the activities that take us out of the house or other important events. I have a section for errands that need to be run that week or subsequent weeks, a place for notes, and a running list for Walmart/Target since I don't hit those stores every week. (I keep my running grocery list elsewhere.) In the back, I have several more lists: a Christmas card list, a list of easy meals that we enjoy, potential gifts, etc..

When I finish a task, I put a check by it. If I don't get to something on its assigned day, I circle it so I can do it later in the week. (I don't do well with running to do lists; I have to assign a day to every chore or I won't do it.) As you can see, I wrote this post on Monday, and I have not finished my chores for today. I also try to keep my schedule light for days that I know I will be leaving the house since I don't get much done those days.

Do you think my to do list is kind of short? Remember that I don't write everything down (like doing the dishes and laundry), and I have a not-quite-three month old who keeps things interesting and unscheduled.

Do you keep something like this? Are you able to remember to do everything without such a list? (If so, I am really jealous!)


Marva said...

No, I absolutely cannot remember without my list! Yours sounds great and I love that it is all contained in one place! That is such a great idea! I tried to click on the pic to get a better idea of it but it would not enlarge. NEvertheless, I love your idea!

Mrs. Darling said...

I keep a spiral notebook right by my desk. I right in it the minute something pops in my head. Its my other brain. I cannot even recall the simplest things anymore. I just now glanced at mine and here is what is left to do on the current page:

Write state homeschool reports
Sharpen pencils
Do LA pages 103 - 108 thursday
Check on Story of the World worksheeets and make sure they are photocopied
Put ink in printer
Find the Thesaurus
Find "Honus and Me"

See what I mean? The tiniest little thing goes on there!

Mrs. Darling said...

I should have said, I "write" in it not "right" in it. Mercy!