Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Year's Goals Reviewed

I have not reviewed my New Year's goals the past couple of months because I haven't felt like it. My all day sickness (as opposed to morning sickness) has kept me from attempting some of my goals such as hospitality, and it has limited some of my others like crocheting. On top of that, I haven't felt like posting anyway. Now that I am feeling better with almost no nausea (hooray!), it's time for a review, and it's time to continue working on my goals.
  1. Crochet one baby blanket a month. Somehow I have managed to keep up with that, although it is the only crocheting I have done all summer.
  2. Teach Sarah Beth her letters. We're still working on that, but she knows 16, I think, which is more than half.
  3. Exercise. I had to stop walking in my neighborhood this summer because I thought the hills were going to kill me between being pregnant and the double stroller. There is a little park nearby with a fairly flat walking circle that I may try next week.
  4. Getting up early. Nope. I've been doing good to be up before my children in just enough time to eat breakfast before having to get them up. Why don't I just eat with them? I feel like I'm going to pass out most mornings until I get something in my belly. This, too, has been getting better.
  5. Hospitality. We actually had a couple over for supper in August. Hooray! And I'm trying to figure out when to have another family over this month. My work schedule complicates things somewhat.
  6. Writing letters. I think I have written just one letter this summer. Oh, well. I don't think anyone has missed receiving a letter.
How are you doing with your New Year's goals? Do you even remember what they are? I think the only reason I do is because I review them every month!

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Marva said...

I think you have done really well! I however, do not even remember what most of mine were.... shame on me.

I missed my letter. ;)

hugs and blessings!!!!