Friday, September 11, 2009

Halfway Point!

Today I am officially twenty weeks pregnant. I would post a picture, but I don't have one. You can see one from last week from when we were at the beach. Besides, I still don't look pregnant, at least, when I'm dressed. Boy, I can feel it, though. I don't remember being this out of breath with my other pregnancies, but we didn't have stairs at our old house, either.

Most of my symptoms have improved. The all-day sickness rears its ugly head occasionally but not all the time like it used to. I am able to drink milk again. I haven't tried orange juice yet, but I think I will buy some next week when I go to the store. I don't feel the need to drink Dr. Pepper anymore, but it sure is yummy!

I feel the baby move a lot which is fun. We can't wait to find out whether this baby is a boy or girl, but we will have to, at least until October 1. And yes, I will let you know as soon as possible.

Sarah Beth is starting to understand that there is a different baby in my belly; we're not talking about Daniel anymore. I think she is going to be a big help when this baby comes. She loves to help, and I try to encourage that spirit as much as possible.

As for Daniel, he has no idea what is coming. And he loves his mommy so much that it may be difficult for him. We'll get through it, though. I'm sure it will help having his daddy home for a week or two after the baby comes. I am at the halfway point. Twenty weeks down, twenty to go.


Marva said...

Congrats to you sweet friend! Mine are back as well. Blessings!

Small Town Mamma said...

Is it really half way already? Gosh, time flies... Congratulations, so glad to hear you are generally feeling much better! Remind me to email you about hospitality and an idea that I got from my mum.... (want to come over to our house for dinner?)

MyKidsMom said...

20 weeks already? I guess it only seems to fly by when it's someone else having the baby :)

We had stairs during my 3rd pregnancy and they were very exhausting! I have to admit I don't miss them one bit.

Have a good weekend~