Tuesday, September 8, 2009

At the Beach

I know that I told you Saturday that I would post pictures of our vacation yesterday, but I just didn't get to it. I had forgotten that yesterday was Labor Day and that John would be home. We all enjoy it when John is home, but he disrupts our normal schedules. I'm sure your husbands don't do that to you, do they?

We had a great time at Fripp Island. Sarah Beth and Daniel were old enough to enjoy the sand and the tide pools at the beach, but they didn't much care for the actual ocean. I cannot say that I blame them since the waves move to get you, then they recede, taking the sand out from under your feet. Thankfully, Daniel did not eat as much sand this year as last year, although he still seemed to find it rather tasty. The weather was not as good as it could have been; three days were absolutely beautiful, but three days were cloudy and a little chilly for the beach. My parents came down for a couple of days which was a lot of fun, too. Oh, and we ate some delicious seafood while we were there. We always take advantage of fresh seafood when we can.

Daniel is trying to figure out what these things are for.

Then he realized that he didn't need them to destroy the sand compound (it wasn't much of a castle) his mommy built. We had to watch him like a hawk because, if he saw something we had built, he wanted to tear it down.

Here are a couple of pictures of Sarah Beth at the beach.

Here we all are at the beach. We were able to get a picture of all of us because my mother took it.

The house we rented looked out over one of the golf courses. There was a pond between us and the fairway, and guess what lived in the pond. Needless to say, we were not tempted to swim in the pond or even to play in what little backyard there was.

The island is teeming with deer. They really should allow some hunting or something since the deer look rather poorly.

John bought both children hats which Sarah Beth loved. She couldn't wear that hat enough, and she still can't. What's not to love about it? It's pink, and her daddy bought it for her.

Do I look pregnant in this picture? I met a woman on the beach and told her that we are expecting our third child. She said that she wondered. I figure I am at that awkward stage when people can't tell if I am pregnant or just a little chubby.

As for the rest of the 600 pictures, a lot of them are of the sunsets. John played with the different lenses of the cameras to see which did better at what.


Angela said...

The picture is a little far away to tell for sure, but you don't look pregnant to me -- you still look like your normal super-thin self.

I'm glad y'all had a good time! I can't wait to take Dallas to the beach for the first time....of course, by the time she's old enough this year it will be too cold so we'll probably have to wait till the spring.

Nikki said...

Angela, we took Daniel to the beach when he was seven months old, so I think you'll be able to next year, if you want to.

MyKidsMom said...

I agree with Angela, you don't even look a little chubby to me :)

Wow, that alligator looks a little scary. Was there a fence around the pond? Or is it just "normal" to have one hanging around in those parts?

It sounds (and looks) like you had a great time!

Nikki said...

Mykidsmom, there was no fence, and our house wasn't ten feet from the pond. Thankfully, the alligator didn't come up on our side. Yes, it was normal to have alligators like that on the island; they were all over, at the ponds anyway.