Thursday, July 30, 2009

Doctor's Appointment

I had my first doctor's appointment with this baby today. Since it's my third pregnancy, I wasn't in a big hurry to get there, especially since I haven't had any real problems in my previous pregnancies.

An ultrasound was scheduled, so John and I got to see the baby. Yes, there is only one, much to John's relief and contrary to what Sarah Beth thought. The sonographer did not even look to see if the baby is a boy or girl, but later in the pictures, there seems to be...well, we think maybe this baby is a boy. We won't find out for certain until the next sonogram which will be at about 20 weeks. To my relief, we discovered that I am thirteen weeks along instead of the twelve I had thought. Somewhere, I must have miscounted. But hey! That's a good error, isn't it?

When we saw the doctor, she told me that she had written on my chart in big letters "Precipitous Delivery." Remember how Daniel came? Without the doctor? Hee hee! It went so easily, I wouldn't mind doing it again that way, but she said there will be no pushing until she is in the room.

Other than that, things look good, and we expect them to continue to go well. However, instead of 28 weeks until this baby comes, I only have 27!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

WIP Wednesday

I finished this blanket the other day, and I washed it this morning. It turned out nicely enough after washing that I won't feel badly about giving it away. I was afraid it would not be soft enough for a baby. I think the changes I made to the pattern turned out well, don't you?

I started this blanket yesterday and have only gotten three rows done. Maybe today I can get some more done; it depends on how long it takes to fold all the clothes I washed today. This is the new yarn I couldn't wait to try. It's called Snuggly Wuggly; isn't that a great name for a baby's yarn? I had hoped to work on this blanket a lot while we were at the conference last weekend, but I just didn't feel well enough. I don't know if it's the worst thing about feeling poorly with this pregnancy, but it sure is aggravating that I cannot crochet as much as usual. Morning sickness did not interfere with my crocheting with my other two pregnancies. *Sigh*

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Conference Recap

As you know from my last post, our family went to the American Vision Worldview Super Conference this past weekend. We had a great time, and we could not believe how well Daniel and Sarah Beth did. Daniel did not get a nap one day, and he got a very short one another while I was holding him. (It had been a long, long time since he had fallen asleep while I held him, and it was kind of nice.) Of course, it was a huge help that there was a nursery to put them in.

We heard several good talks, but our favorites were on the church and the family by Voddie Baucham. He is an amazing speaker, and if you haven't heard any of his talks, I encourage you to find one on the internet and listen to it. As a matter of fact, John (jokingly) asked if I wanted him to ask for a transfer to Houston where Voddie Baucham's church is.

I learned many new things and was convicted of others. Since I have been feeling so poorly lately, I had been letting the children watch too much television. I was convicted to stop that and to use Christian children's videos sparingly. It is much more important that I get on the floor and play with them which I am able to do now that I am feeling better. I also realized that I need to start having a "Bible time" with the children every day. I already knew that I needed to do it; I just haven't gotten around to it. It's hard when you don't know how much your children understand, but I think Sarah Beth is ready now, and it certainly won't hurt Daniel any.

John and I were both convicted that we need to start having a family worship time every day. Again, I think we already knew that, but we see now how important it is.

There were some other great talks about the family, but we missed them. One was too late at night, and other things came up to keep us from the rest. That's okay, though, because my dad bought the CD's, and now we can listen to them at our leisure.

Dr. Jonathan Sarfati had a couple of interesting talks about science that I really enjoyed. His website is here. He is Australian, so I also enjoyed his accent.

I also joined the Georgia Home Education Association as soon as we got home. Even though we are not homeschooling yet, I think it is still important to be a part of organizations like this one.

I come away from conferences like this with a wider view of the world. As the after effect wears off, my world narrows back to its former boundaries. I think it's important to attend conferences like this regularly to keep my focus broad, and even to make it broader.

What kind of conferences do you attend? Are there any that you recommend?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another Update

I got a very nice email from Angela last night, wondering how I was doing. Although I have been feeling better lately, I still haven't been blogging much. Honestly, I have enjoyed my "vacation" from blogging. Usually, I write new posts in the morning before my children wake up or during nap time. I have been sleeping later in the mornings, and lately I would rather crochet during nap time than blog. Sorry! I do have some ideas for some new posts, and maybe next week I will get around to them.

Tomorrow, however, we are heading to the Worldview Super Conference III, and we will be gone until Saturday evening. Yes, we are taking Sarah Beth and Daniel, and we think it will be so much fun staying in a hotel room with them. There will be some great speakers, and I look forward to hearing them. I also hope to get a bunch of crocheting done while I listen. Apparently, a lot of women do some kind of craft during the sessions.

As for me, I still feel pretty good, that is, until after supper. Then I feel horrible until I go to bed, and I have a hard time sleeping because I feel so badly. There are nights when I want to cry as I stand in front of the sink, contemplating the absolutely dreaded task of brushing my teeth. Do I have to brush my teeth before bed? Isn't there any other way? Hopefully, all of this will go away soon with the end of my first trimester next week.

I pulled up all of my old squash and corn plants yesterday, and I planted new seeds today. I have it on good authority (my mother who doesn't just have a green thumb, but a green hand) that we have time for another crop before cold weather hits. Hopefully, I will feel good enough with this crop to get some frozen for the winter.

I really want to plant some strawberries, and I think the fall is the right time for them. Do you know?

I hope you have a good weekend. I hope we have a good weekend.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WIP Wednesday

Thanks to such a simple, quick-to-work-up pattern, I have gotten a good bit done on this blanket in the past week. As a matter of fact, I finished the actual body of the blanket and have started the edging. I need to cut down the edging for this blanket because four inches of border (which the pattern calls for) is a bit much for a blanket this size. When I went to the yarn store yesterday, I found some new baby yarn that I am excited to try out. Hopefully, I can finish this blanket soon so I can experiment with it.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Have you noticed my baby widget on the side bar? Have you been having as much fun as I have watching it look more and more like a human being?

As you know from this post, I have not been feeling well with this pregnancy which is not unusual for me. It just seems harder this time since I have two little ones in addition to the little bugger that is upsetting my stomach. I figured I would start feeling better at the end of my first trimester since that is what happened with my first two, but thankfully I started feeling better this past week. I am about eleven weeks right now, so I'm early with feeling better. Of course, I am not 100%, but I feel so much better. The worst part of my day is the evening. After I eat supper, I feel bad, and it just gets worse until bedtime when I don't sleep well because I feel horrible. If I have a bedtime snack, it is so much worse.

I have had to give up a few things which I dearly miss. I don't drink coffee in the morning; I have a tall glass of orange juice, that is, I did until I realized that it was one of the things upsetting my stomach. I also like to drink milk with supper, but this baby seems not to like milk. The good thing is that this baby loves, I mean loves, chocolate. Chocolate PopTarts, chocolate chip muffins, chocolate Ensure, Kisses, I can't get enough!

I cannot believe how much better I feel. I hope I can start blogging more regularly again soon. I have missed you, and I have missed blogging.

(I hope I haven't just jinxed myself!)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

What the Mail-lady Brought

The doorbell rang this morning, and I wondered who it could be because we don't get surprise visitors very often. When I opened the door, I saw our mail-lady getting back into her car after having left us a package. I thought, "Oh, boy! It's the books I ordered!" But, no, it wasn't books; it was better! It was the Total Pamper Package that I won from Sasha's giveaway. I kept blogging about her giveaway, but you people just couldn't get over there to enter. Well, too bad for you! Because I won!!

I have no idea what TimTams are, but I plan to find out just as soon as I get off the computer. Anything that is chocolate and mint sounds wonderful. Daniel is asleep, and Sarah Beth is playing (not so quietly) in her room, so I won't have to share. (Is that selfish of me?) There is also a good book to read, and I am looking forward to that. Delicious-smelling soap, a yummy candle, and bath gel rounds out the package. I can't wait to try all my new goodies! And it's all for me!! John won't want any of it (except maybe the TimTams), and my children don't deserve the others.

This month Sasha is giving away a gift certificate to an etsy shop. While I hope I win, I do plan to purchase one of Sasha's adorable soon as I save up some money. Maybe this month, you will enter, too.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

WIP Wednesday

I still have not been able to crochet as much as I would like, thanks to my morning sickness which is actually more of an evening sickness. (It gets worse and worse as the day progresses.) But I have gotten a good big done on this blanket because it is an easy pattern that works up very quickly. Right now it measures about 15 inches by 13 inches. If you are wondering what I decided about this blanket last week, I frogged it and started over. I just wasn't happy with it. I changed the crochet hook, decreasing it by one size. Every fourth row in the pattern has a repeating chain-three which made the blanket look sloppy, so I cut it to a chain-two (which the other rows have), and it looks much better. I still don't know if I like the yarn or not, so when I finish it I plan to wash it to see if that softens it up some. If it doesn't, I may end up with it on etsy.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

WIP Wednesday

I have done little crocheting this past week. Do you remember Pavlov and his dogs from high school? I have had something similar happen to me but in a bad way. I worked on my shawl a few times when I felt really sick, so now whenever I even think about working on it, my stomach turns. As a matter of fact, I started reading a crochet magazine one night after work when I felt awful, and now I cannot touch it. Another crochet magazine came in the mail last week, and it is still sitting where I left it. Having crochet give me an upset stomach is a very bad thing.

However, I enjoy crocheting too much to stop just because it makes me feel bad, although I have slowed down. Yesterday, I poured a big glass of Dr. Pepper (which helps my stomach for some reason) and knuckled down to start this baby afghan. I got quite a bit done which makes me happy. But I'm not sure I like the way it is turning out because it seems a little loose. I may have to frog it and start over. Oh, well.

For more works in progress, or to add your own, head over to the Place of H.