Friday, February 27, 2009

Would You Want Him Back?

I heard a story on the news on the radio this morning about a dog that was lost for nine years and the family who got him back. Here is the story:

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. (AP) — A German shepherd named Astro who has been missing from his family for more than 9 years is finally home.

The Geary family was shocked when they recently received a call from an animal control officer who said that Astro had been found.

The dog went missing from the Geary family's Port St. Lucie, Fla. home shortly after the family adopted him. Since then, they have moved three times and ended up in Louisville, Ky.

On Jan. 29, 2009, an animal control officer in Tennessee picked up Astro after receiving a report about a dog running loose. Officers tracked down the family through a microchip implanted in the canine.

My first thought when I heard this story was, "What if they don't want him back?" It's been nine years since the family lost him. What if their lifestyle is not compatible with owning a dog anymore? What if they no longer live in a home where they can keep a dog? What if they just don't want this particular dog back? Meanwhile, where has Astro been for the past nine years? Someone has been taking care of him. Maybe they want him back.

I started thinking about my situation. Nine years ago, John and I were not even dating, although we did know each other. Who knows where we will be in nine more years? Honestly, we could be in Europe somewhere after a relocation via John's work. If we lost a dog today, would we really want it back in nine years? (Actually, we have two dogs right now that we are trying to get rid of, so the answer is "no" and "thank goodness, they're gone!")

What about you? Where were you nine years ago? Where will you be in nine years? Would you want your dog back?

How many of you thought my title had to do with taking your husband back? Hee hee!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where I Blog

I was tagged by Marva to show you where I blog.  I don't know why the picture turned out so dark because the room isn't really that dark.  No, I did not move a single thing before I took this picture, and our "desk" is usually a lot messier than this.  Our office corner is in our spare bedroom, so there is also a queen-sized bed in here taking up a lot of room.  Of course, it also means that there is room for family to come visit!  You can't see it in the picture, but our "desk" is actually a folding table, and the chair is, yes, a folding chair.  Some of those papers you can see are coupons I printed out that I need to cut out and file.  I just haven't done it yet.  Procrastination is a bad thing.  Obviously, this is where I always blog because our computer is not a laptop.  Can you see my blog on the computer?  I thought that was a nice touch!

Now I am supposed to tag five people.  Hmmm.  I think I will tag my cousins Dayna and Angela because I have never seen their houses.  I will also tag my good, real life friends Laura and Ivy, although I would like for Ivy to wait until she gets home to Poland so I can see her house, too.  Let's see, I need one more.  I will pick Sasha at Cherished Moments because she is a new, blogging friend, and I would like to get to know her better.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WIP Wednesday

After some encouragement from Laura, I decided to finish this set of blocks.  We are throwing a shower for the "giftee" next Friday, so I need to get these things done!  Here are the pieces for the first one.

And here are the pieces for the second one.

I have a solid red block done, also, and it is for the third block.  I plan to get the foam I need to fill the blocks on Friday.  If I cannot find it, I will have to settle for Fiberfill, and the blocks just won't be as solid.  

I have a question for you because I need some advice.  John has asked me to make a couple of blankets for one of his college friends whose wife is having twins.  I met him (but not his wife) on the way back from our trip to Louisiana, and I was able to ask some pertinent questions.  They are having twin girls, but they do not think they are identical, and they do not plan to dress them exactly alike.  My question is, do you think I should make the same blanket twice, two different but similar blankets, or two very different ones?  I really would appreciate your opinion, especially if you have twins.  (Hint, hint, Marva!)

To see other works in progress, or to add your own, head over to the Place of H.  

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


My good friend Laura is giving away a CD from Vision Forum.  I have a bunch of books that I have ordered from Vision Forum, so it is hard for me to choose my favorite.  If I had to choose (and I do), it would have to be the book about Stonewall Jackson All Things for Good by J. Steven Wilkins.  I really enjoyed that book, and I am upset because I lost it in our move last year.  If it doesn't turn up soon, I will have to order another one.  It was that good.  To check out Laura's giveaway, and to enter it yourself, you can go here.

Have you gotten your free short stack of pancakes from IHOP today?  We have, and they were good!  And there is still time!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Keepin' it Real

I saw this on Laura's blog, and I thought I would show you a little of my house.  I did not do any cleaning or straightening before I took these pictures, as you will be able to see.  

1.  Refrigerator.  
2.  Closet/drawer.  I did not which drawer or closet to take a picture of, so I just took one of my kitchen towels, etc. drawer.  This drawer also houses stickers for Sarah Beth when she uses the potty, although she prefers m&m's.  She is just like her mother!

3.  Kitchen sink.  That's my griddle in the "clean" part.  We had pancakes for breakfast this morning.

4.  Toilet.  Again, I did not know which toilet to take a picture of, so here is "Sarah Beth's."  We call it her bathroom because it has her potty seat in it.

5.  Favorite shoes.  These are my favorite going-out-of-the-house shoes for the winter.  (I have a pair of sandals that I wear in the summer.)  

These are my "house" shoes.  My feet area always cold, so I need to wear shoes in the house.  (These are really just slippers.)

6.  Favorite room.  This is our great room/living room/den, whatever you want to call it.  It is obviously the children's favorite room, too.  (See, I told you I didn't clean up before I took these pictures.)

7.  What my kids are doing.  Actually, right now both are asleep for naps.  No, that's not true.  Daniel is asleep, but I just put Sarah Beth down.  Anyway, no pictures of that.  Here is what they were doing this morning when I took these pictures.  

Daniel chewing on a box.  I took it away from him right after I took the picture because it is his daddy's box.  And he probably doesn't need to eat any cardboard.

Sarah Beth putting together a puzzle.  No, I did not brush her hair this morning.  She screams every time I do, and sometimes it's just not worth it.  (Those are Daniel's pajamas on the armrest behind her.)

8.  Laundry.  When I took this picture, one load needed to be folded, one was in the washing machine, and one was in the dryer.  At this point, they all need to be folded except what I have already hung up.

9.  Self-portrait.  It's hard taking a self-portrait.  We went on a quick errand this morning which explains why I have make-up on and why the children still have on jackets.  (I don't put make-up on unless I plan to leave the house.  I don't think John minds, but maybe I had better check.)

10.  Dream vacation.  John and I talked the other night about going to Disney World.  Not now, but in a few years the children will be old enough to enjoy it.  I cannot think of anywhere else I would like to go.  I'm such a homebody.  (I can tell you that I do not want to make another trip to Louisiana anytime soon.)

If this looks like fun, consider yourself tagged!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WIP Wednesday

Here are the squares I have made for the set of blocks I plan to make for my friend who is having a baby soon.  However, I am not sure how much I like them, so I may keep them for our children.  We'll see.  As you can see I have made two more since last week; actually, I have made three more since I redid the green one.  

Instead of the blocks, I may give my friend this blanket which I started on our trip to Lousiana this past weekend.  Driving for twelve hours plus an evening when everyone else is at the wedding but one is stuck at home with the children gives one a lot of time to crochet.  Yes, I have already made a blanket from this pattern, but I like it enough to make another one.  

For more Works-in-Progress, or to add you own, head over to the Place of H!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend

I promised yesterday that I would tell you about our weekend today, so here I go.  We left Thursday evening at 6:15 after John got home from work and we ate supper.  The plan was to drive as far as we could (re:  as far as Daniel would let us).  I secretly thought that we would be lucky to get as far as Atlanta, but I did not want John to know that.  He secretly had the same thought, by the way.  Daniel did not have a very good start; he started fussing while we were still in our neighborhood, but he got better quickly.  We made Atlanta and kept going, hoping to make Mobile, Al., but thinking that realistically we would get as far as Montgomery, Al..  John has a good friend in Mobile with whom we were hoping to spend the night, but Daniel lost it on the way to Montgomery, so we stopped there.

Friday morning we got an early start which was helped by the time change.  It was 8:15 our time,  but 7:15 theirs.  We drove the few hours to Mobile and spent a couple of hours with John's friend, his wife, and their new baby.  It was nice to be able to walk around for a little while, especially for the children.  Then we finished the drive to Louisiana, to John's mother's house.

John's brother's wedding was Saturday afternoon at 3:00 at his house, so John went over there that morning, first with Sarah Beth while Daniel napped, then with Daniel while Sarah Beth napped.  I stayed at Anna's house with the sleeping child.  John's sister and her husband came over for a few minutes, and it was good to see them.  

We got to Greg's house about 2:30 for the wedding.  The children were both exhausted from sleeping in strange places, not getting naps on Friday, all the excitement, etc., and they started melting down as soon as we got to the wedding.  By the time the wedding started, we had to walk out of the house with them.  Daniel was tired of being held, and Sarah Beth was tired of being good.  After the wedding, we went back into the house for the reception.  John got Daniel's stroller out of the car because I was tired of holding him.  (Honestly, I was tired of him.)  Sarah Beth thinks all strollers are hers, and she threw a fit.  Daniel decided to join her because he wanted to get down and crawl which was not possible because there were just too many people there.  As they both started screaming, I stood up under the stairs and whacked my head.  I lost it, too.  Thankfully, Greg lives right next door to Anna, so I was able to take both children to her house while we all calmed down.  John stayed at the reception.  He did come over a couple of times to check on us which I appreciated.  He took Sarah Beth back at one point, and they both enjoyed that.  I had already put Daniel to bed.  I did get a lot of crocheting done while everyone else enjoyed the reception.  I just wish I had gotten some wedding cake. 

We did not even want to try to make the trip home in one day because it takes twelve hours of just driving time, so we left Sunday morning.  We were able to go by Greg's house again, and I finally met his wife.  Because we were going to take two days, we were able to start a little later which was nice.  We stopped again in Mobile to see another of John's friends, and we made it all the way to Montgomery.  Again, we had to stop because of Daniel.  He did not sleep well in the car.

We finished our trip yesterday, and we actually got home around 1:00 which, as I said, yesterday, was just in time for naps.  It's nice to be home!

In recap, we drove two days for a wedding we did not even get to see, and I didn't get any wedding cake.  (As a matter of fact, I had a peanut butter sandwich for supper.)  We saw two of John's friends from college.  And we drove two more days to get home.  It was an absolutely exhausting trip.  

By the way, have you ever been to a wedding in jeans?  This was actually my second because we all wore jeans last year when Anna got married.

Again, I want to thank you for your prayers.  Sarah Beth could not have traveled any better, and Daniel could have been a whole lot worse.  He fussed some but was okay most of the time.  

By the way, today is our eighth anniversary.  We hope to go out for supper Friday night, but I'm still waiting to hear from the babysitter.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Home, Sweet Home!

We are home.  We arrived about an hour ago, just in time for naps.  Isn't that wonderful -- to get home in time to put the children down for naps while you unpack?  The car is unpacked, the suitcases are unpacked, and there is a load of clothes in the washing machine.  Best of all, Daniel and Sarah Beth are asleep!  They are absolutely exhausted, as are John and I.  Anyway, I will tell you all about our trip tomorrow.  Thank you for your prayers.  I can tell you were praying by how well everything went.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Daniel!

Today is Daniel's birthday.  We celebrated it last Saturday with my family because we are leaving this evening for our trip to Louisiana.  We will see how far we get, stop for the night, and then we will finish the trip tomorrow.  John has some friends in Mobile that we may stop by to see.  

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of my sweet, little, stinky boy!  I cannot believe how he gets into everything!  We did not babyproof very much with Sarah Beth because we just did not need to.  He has already figured out some of the cabinet locks.  Oh, no!  I remember now that my sister-in-law told me once that it was bad when she had to get her toddler to undo the latch for the toilet so she could use it.  Oh, my!  And Daniel does love to play in the toilet.  

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

WIP Wednesday

I apologize for being so late today, but our internet has been down all day.  John just got home and fixed it, so here I am.  I couldn't even pack today because I could not check the weather to see what it would be like in Louisiana this weekend.  What did people do before the internet?  How did they know what types of clothes to pack?

I have continued working on this doily while I waited for the yarn I ordered to arrive.  It measures about six inches across.

I ordered yarn to make a set of blocks for a friend who is having a baby in April.  We are throwing her a shower the beginning of March, so I need to get them done.  This is what I have accomplished so far, but remember, the yarn just arrived today.  I think I need to re-do the green square.  I'm just not happy with it.  (I used a different crochet hook to make it; it was the same size, but sometimes different types of hooks make different sized swatches.)  I wish I could work on the squares in the car during our trip, but I don't want to take eight skeins of yarn with me.

For other works in progess, head over to the Place of H.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Update on New Year's Goals

I have been meaning to assess how I have been doing in keeping my New Year's goals, but I have had more fun things to post, e.g. Daniel's birthday party.  (Weren't those pictures fun?!)  I mean, what's the point of making goals for the New Year if you never go back to review them?  I should have done this at the beginning of the month, but better late than never, as they say.
  1. I did crochet one baby blanket last month.  I also finished two other ones that were almost done.  
  2. Sarah Beth learns her letters almost as fast as I can teach them to her.  We try for a couple of new ones a week.
  3. Daniel is still not walking for which I am thankful.  I think he will only walk for one or two days, then he will be running.  And I am sure he will get into even more trouble than he does now.  Meanwhile, he pulls up on everything.
  4. Exercise?  What's that?  If my children would only sleep until 8:00 a.m., or if our neighborhood didn't have so many hills, or....
  5. I think I have been doing better with spending time in God's Word.  I bought a new book about the Psalms that I am excited about.  If it continues to be as good, I will tell you about it.
  6. I changed my mind about planning meals monthly.  Weekly meal planning has worked fine for me for years, so why change now?
  7. I have not been doing so well in the hospitality department.  I haven't had anybody over since I made that resolution except for Angela and her husband.  Do they count?  I didn't even invite them; I was just told they were coming.  Oh, and I had another friend over for lunch.  Maybe that one counts.
  8. Facebook.  I really need to set aside some time to join that.  
How about you?  How are you doing with your goals for the new year?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Daniel's Birthday Party

As I mentioned in my last post, we celebrated Daniel's party this past Saturday since we will be traveling to Louisiana on his actual birthday which is Thursday.  I thought I would share some pictures with you because I think they are awfully cute.  I'm not partial or anything, you know!

Here is the "before" picture.  He has no idea what is coming, or he would be smiling.

We ordered a cake from Publix because John did not want me all stressed out from making cupcakes.  When you order a first birthday cake, Publix gives you a free baby cake.  Here it is.  (We took the plastic head off the clown because we were just about to give it to Daniel.)

Here are some "after" pictures.  Do you think Daniel enjoyed his cake, or at least, the icing?  It's the first time he has had anything sweet.  My mom thinks we are a little strange because we wait until our children are a year old, but I don't think it has hurt them any at all.  Daniel certainly knew what to do with his cake!  Can you see his smile?  You have to look pretty hard, but it's there under all of that icing!

He did not think he was quite messy enough.  Do you see that little impish grin on his face?  His daddy and Grammy got him semi-cleaned up, and then I threw him in the tub.  Our children get baths on Saturday nights whether or not they need them, and Daniel certainly did this week!

At this point, we took the cake away from him because he started to play with it.  He likes to throw food on the floor, and we didn't want a huge mess to clean up, just a messy baby, er, little boy!

I have a cute story about Sarah Beth, too, from the party.  There were enough of us (15) that we divided up into an adult table and a children's table.  Halfway through supper, Sarah Beth came and told me that she was done.  Her cousin Kathryn, who is almost twelve, told me that she had only eaten one or two bites.  I told Sarah Beth that she could not have any cake unless she had eaten her lasagna.  Then I showed her the cake.  Later, she came back into the dining room and said, "I want cake."  I asked if she had eaten her lasagna, and she said, "yes."  Kathryn told me that she fed her, and every time she asked if she wanted another bite of lasagna, Sarah Beth would say "cake" and nod her head.  I think she got the point! 

Saturday, February 7, 2009

More of Daniel's Doings

John commented the other day that I have not put pictures of our children on here lately.  I have been trying to get some, but the days just slip by.  I determined to take some this morning because I have something to show you:  Daniel's first black eye.  It's not the best picture, but the ones below it don't show the black eye very well.  I couldn't decide between them, so I uploaded both of them!

He has also learned a new trick.  We have got to baby proof the kitchen.  I don't mind Daniel playing with my tupperware, but I really would like for him not to break my Pyrex or Corningware.  Doesn't he look proud of himself?

I couldn't post all these pictures of Daniel without one of Sarah Beth.  She is growing up so quickly!

Tonight we will celebrate Daniel's first birthday.  He does not actually turn one until Thursday, but we leave Thursday for Louisiana.  We are just having family over.  Just family!  Ha!  There are nineteen of us, but since one of my brothers and his family are out of town, there will just be fifteen!  I made the lasagna Thursday (that day is prominent in the paragraph, isn't it?), and I was going to make these cupcakes because they are a family favorite, but John suggested buying a cake so I would not be so stressed today with preparing for the party.  Isn't he sweet?  As it turns out, I don't feel like I have much to do, but the cake is already ordered.  Oh, well.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Letter N

Mykidsmom did not exactly tag me for this alphabet meme, but I knew she was talking about me when she mentioned volunteers.  And I was glad to oblige, that is, until I discovered how hard it was!  Anyway, here are ten things about me that begin with the letter N.  
  1. My name!
  2. Nice.  I think I am a nice person.
  3. Neat.  John suggested that one when I asked for suggestions.  
  4. New, as in new hairdryer.  I need one because mine has been acting up for a while.  It works great for a few weeks, then it works poorly for a while, then it works great again.  I would hate for it to go out while we are in Louisiana because I don't know if my mother-in-law has one, and I don't want to go to the wedding with my hair in a ponytail.
  5. Numbers.  I like numbers.  I enjoyed math in high school.  I hate to admit it, but I often spent my Friday evenings during my senior year at home working calculus homework.  
  6. Nine.  I have nine pairs of shoes that I wear regularly, and this includes the sandals that I wear all summer.  I have a few more pairs of shoes that I do not wear very often, e.g. my riding boots.  I obviously only wear (wore) those when I rode my horse.  Since I don't ride anymore, I don't wear those boots anymore.
  7. Novels.  I don't just enjoy reading novels, but I also enjoy collecting them.  My long-time readers know by now that I have aspirations to be a librarian when I grow up.
  8. Naptime.  I love my children immensely, but I love naptime, too.  That is when I get the things done that I cannot do when they are awake.  Naptime is my time to crochet, fold clothes, mop the floor, and blog.
  9. Niece.  I am Angela's and Dayna's mother's niece.  (Can you tell that I'm reaching here?)
  10. Nincompoop.  I don't think I am a nincompoop, but people who are don't usually know it, do they?  If I am, will you let me know gently.  I would appreciate it.
There you have it:  my list of ten things that start with the letter N.  Would you like to play?  If so, leave me a comment, and I will assign you a letter.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

WIP Wednesday

I finished this baby blanket that I have been working on.  It turned out nicer than I thought, and the colors are certainly bright.  (I took the picture sideways, but you probably figured that out.)

I was going to start a set of blocks for another of my friends who is having a baby, but I discovered yesterday that I don't have the yarn I need.  I ordered it, but in the meantime, I started another doily becase I had so much fun making this doily.  The first one was "easy," and this one is "intermediate," so I am moving up the difficulty ladder.  I just started it last night, so it measures only about 2 inches.

If you have a "work in progress," you ought to join the fun over at the Place of H!

Monday, February 2, 2009

My Weekend

I worked this past weekend, and we were very, very busy.  One of my technicians called in sick on Saturday, and it would have been bad even if she had been there.  One of the other technicians pointed out that it took us eight hours to catch up on Saturday, and we were only open ten.  Sunday was not much better.  When I got home both days, all I wanted to do was go to bed.  However, there were still things to be done, and my children wanted to spend some time with Mommy.

This morning I have been catching up from the weekend.  John did (and does) a great job taking care of the children, making sure they are clean, fed, and played with; but he does not do all the thousands of little things that I do to keep the house clean and neat and taken care of.  I do not mean to criticize John at all; he is not home all the time to know to do these things.  As John commented last night, everyone is happier when Mommy is home.  I decided to let one of my normal Monday chores wait, cleaning the bathrooms.  I will get to it some time this week, or maybe I won't clean them until next week.  I don't think it will hurt anything at all.  I spent this morning straightening things, doing laundry, and most importantly, spending time with Daniel and Sarah Beth.  

Do you remember that baby blanket I made for my co-worker?  She was due around Christmas Day, so I didn't figure I would see her this weekend.  When she walked into the pharmacy Saturday, I was surprised, but I figured she couldn't afford to take off more than six weeks.  I asked her how the baby was, and she told me that he had died.  I could not believe it.  Her placenta had detached, and she lost her baby.  I last worked with her the first weekend in December, so she was more than eight months along.  I feel so bad for her.  I also feel so thankful for my little ones; there is no reason something like that could not have happened to me.  I am so grateful to God that I have two precious little ones.  My co-worker put that blanket I made in the casket with her baby, so I am especially glad that she had something special for that.  

How was your weekend?  I hope it was better than mine.

Free Grand Slam from Dennys

I saw this on a commercial yesterday during the SuperBowl, and I just checked it out at their website.  Yes, Denny's is giving away a free Grand Slam Breakfast to everyone tomorrow.  I need to take Daniel to the doctor for a vaccination, so we may just stop by Denny's on the way.  Of course, it will be a lot of fun going out to eat by myself with two little ones.  We shall see.  Does anyone want to join me?  We could do lunch instead of breakfast?  Looking at the Grand Slam, I think we will only need one for the three of us!