Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It Matters Which Catalog You Use

Lately, I have noticed that I don't have many winter outfits to wear to church, specifically, I have three.  Well, there is one more, but I cannot wear it right now because there is no way to feed Daniel in it, if you catch my drift.  I used to have several more outfits, and I couldn't figure out why I have so few now.  Oh, yes.  Two and a half years ago, Sarah Beth was born, and I will never wear those skirts (or pants) again.  *Sigh*  And last year, I was pregnant, so anything I bought had to be BIG.  

I don't know about you, but I like to have a little variety in my wardrobe; I get tired of wearing the same clothes week after week after week after week.  I would like to have one outfit for every Sunday that I go to church (remember I work one weekend a month) every year.  Just kidding!  But I would like to have four or five, or maybe even six.

All of this leads to my experience yesterday.  I have been eying some dresses and things in a JC Penny catalog, and I finally got around to ordering them yesterday.  I like ordering from Penny's because I get 4% cash back via Ebates, they have nice clothes that are reasonably priced, and I can return things to the store in town which means no return shipping.  So anyway, I placed my order which came out to be waaaay too much, but I figured the catalog was old, so the prices weren't good anymore.  I had a couple of online codes to use (another reason I like Penny's), and I planned to try both to see which one would save me more.  

Neither code worked!  I immediately called Penny's, and a very helpful lady figured things out for me.  The catalog I had used was expired, and since I had used the item numbers from it to look up my purchases, the codes would not work.  I still don't quite understand it myself, but she re-keyed in my order and checked the codes to see which one saved me more.  Guess what!  By doing this I saved more than half of my original order.  

I pass this on to you so that you will learn from my experience:  it matters which catalog you use!  Be sure to use the current one.  Honestly, I had no idea!

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Marva said...

Isn't it funny how things change (like our bodies) when we have kiddos?! LOL!

Don't feel bad......at least you have 3. I have two and I interchange sweaters and blouses out with them. HEHE! I honestly don't think anyone notices.

That is a great tip though! Thanks Nikki! I will have to remember hat one!

Christmas Blessings!!!

Nikki said...

Marva, I don't even have any sweaters and tops that I can switch around! I have one sweater set for one skirt and a blazer for another skirt.

MyKidsMom said...

I haven't ordered anything from a catalog in so long. I do like Penney's though. And I once in a while go to their online shop. I wonder if the savings code would work there? I quess I could give it a try:)

Laura said...

That's funny! I'll have to try ordering something from Penney's when I'm back in regular clothes. I only have two outfits right now, but I can't bring myself to dish out $60 (I'd be lucky to get it for that much!) for a new skirt and top when I only have 4 weeks left. If I could even find one. The maternity clothes are so ugly and immodest right now.