Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Tree

We put our Christmas tree up last night.  Sarah Beth thought it was really fun that we have one in our house because she thought they only lived at the store or in other people's yards.  Typical toddler, however, she had more fun playing with a piece of trash (a plastic stick from the tree stand) than decorating the tree.  Daniel was asleep in bed, so he did not get to "help."  It will be a lot of fun (do you hear the sarcasm) trying to keep him away from it.  Ugh!

For pictures of other people's trees, head here to Dishpan Dribble.


MyKidsMom said...

I admit here and now that while my kids were little (I had 3 babys in 5 years) we stuck to small trees, sometimes set up on a stand. It was just too much work keeping the little ones away (plus my hubby was in charge of it while I was sick and pregnant:). Yours looks nice though. The little guy is going to love it,lol.

Marva said...

Glad you got it up and it's not so bad having littles and trees. They won't be little long! ;)


Angela said...

Your tree is pretty! I have pics of mine...but I haven't gotten around to putting them up, yet.