Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Do you ever have trouble coming up with ideas about which to post? I am having trouble right now; would you call it writer's block? Then there are times when I have more things about which to write than time to write them. Do you have that problem, too? There are lots of little things going on, maybe I'll write about some of them.

We are going to the beach Saturday for a week. It's the first time we will have gone anywhere as a family. We are going to Fripp Island in South Carolina which is family-oriented. The nearest grocery store is about half an hour away, so the island is nice and quiet. We have rented a house, and we are really looking forward to our vacation.

Vacations are for eating lots and lots of yummy but calorie-loaded foods, aren't they? I have made cookies and cupcakes to take with us. You can hurt yourself making those cupcakes. They are Cookie Dough Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting from Anne Byrn's book. You see, first you take a little taste to make sure the batter is okay. That becomes another and another taste...until there is only enough batter left to make twelve cupcakes instead of 24. Then there is the chocolate chip cookie dough. Who can resist that? NO ONE! Oh, my, then there is the icing. That is good enough that you could sit down and just eat it. I am very proud of us; we only ate three, and the rest are in the freezer waiting for the beach.

Part of the reason I made those cupcakes (besides the fact that they are so yummy, and John specifically asked for them) is to lure my dad to the beach. He and my mom like to go deep sea fishing, and John is hoping they will come visit for a night or two so he can go fishing with them.

I guess I should mention that there will be no posts whatsoever from this blog next week. Possibly there will be one Saturday but don't count on it. We are not taking a computer, and we will not have internet access. For those reasons, I will, also, not be checking your blogs. I'm sorry, but I will catch up when we get back.

Hmmm. I guess I did have something to write about after all. I should have titled this post "The Beach."


Angela said...

hey you should mail me one of those cupcakes! Remember a few years ago when I went with your whole family to the beach for a week? That was before you had kids! yeah, that was fun.

Nikki said...

Angela, I have put one of those cupcakes in the mail for you. It was hard to get it to fit in an envelope, but finally I was able to squish it in. Enjoy!

Yes, I remember that trip. It was a long time ago, wasn't it?