Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Veggie Tales Give-Away

Mykidsmom is giving away some Veggie Tales goodies here. If you have children, hope to have children, or are a child at heart, you ought to enter.


MyKidsMom said...

You now have double the chance of anyone else;) Thanks!

And I've never been called sophisticated before, LoL.

I love having giveaways, but I HATE picking a winner. The last time I did the best 3 out of 4 (I'm not kidding) and would you believe the same name came out 3 times!! I got the feeling that someone was trying to tell me something:)

Nikki said...

I like having giveaways, too; I just need to have something to give away!

MyKidsMom said...

I come across many brand-new items at garage sales and thrift stores, and that's what I use for giveaways most of the time. Some people might think that tacky, but if it's still wrapped from the factory (or with tags) I really don't see the difference between that and the regular store, especially with so much coming from overseas.

The minus to giveaways is the cost of shipping items- that can really be high. So I limit myself, otherwise I'd probably have a giveaway every few weeks:)

Nikki said...

I think you're smart to give away things that you find very cheaply. That way you don't break the bank. That blanket I crocheted didn't cost me anything; it was leftover yarn. Is that tacky?

MyKidsMom said...

Great minds think alike:)