Monday, August 18, 2008

Glorifying My Husband Week Seven

This list is from Eighteen Ways A Wife May be the Glory of Her Husband in the book The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace.
  • Ask your husband, "What are your goals for the week?"
  • Ask your husband, "How can I help you accomplish these goals?"
  • Ask your husband, "Is there anything I can do differently that would make it easier for you?"
  • Be organized with cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, and cooking. As you fulfill your God-given responsibilities, your husband is then free to do his work.
  • Save some of your energy every day for him.
  • Put him first over the children, your parents, friends, job, ladies' Bible studies, etc..
  • Willingly and cheerfully rearrange your schedule for him when necessary.
  • Talk about him in a positive light to others. Do not slander him at all, even if what you are saying is true.

Once again, John does not ask much of me this week which is nice since we are going to have a very busy week.

The last item on the list is a hard one, isn't it? I try very hard only to talk positively about John to our children, even though they don't understand what I say yet. Last week, I started telling Sarah Beth that Daddy was at work when she would ask about him. (I don't know why I didn't do that before.) I have a sweet, hard-working, wonderful, loving husband. Why is it easier sometimes to focus on his not-quite-perfect qualities instead of his good ones?

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MyKidsMom said...

Because we're human and our flesh just seems to take the path of least resistance;) I always build my hubby up to other people, it's one of the most right things I've done in our marriage. But I do have another reason other than the Biblical reason for doing so: if I tear my husband down, doesn't that make it appear as if I wasn't too smart when I went about choosing a mate? If I build him up, I look like the smartest woman ever, LoL:)

YOu have something to pick up over at my blog; it's too heavy for me to bring all the way over here...;)