Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Look What I Got!

I got an award!! It's an honor...I think. It means I have been bothering mykidsmom enough by leaving comments that she feels I deserve an award. Now I must bequeath (isn't that a great word?!) this award to someone who is a SuperCommenter on my blog. The only problem is that mykidsmom comments the most by far. However, I must make a decision.

I hereby bequeath this SuperCommenter award to my cousin Angela. She probably leaves me more comments than anybody else, and she has participated the most in Recipe Fun Friday (other than, of course, mykidsmom).

See, there is an award for pestering people!


MyKidsMom said...

OF COURSE it's an honor!:)Faithfully commenting is actually somewhat rare; Mrs.D has people that have come through her site for years but never leave a comment. Can you imagine? If I'm going to be that faithful, I'm definitely going to say something. I don't mind lurkers, I would just like to get to know them, and you really can't if they don't comment.

Angela's a great choice. I'm so glad she's joining in on the Recipe Fun Fridays. So now you've inspired several people to try out new recipes:)

PS. I think you're supposed to link to the original prize giver, but it's up to you.

daynagonzalez said...

Congratulations to you, Nikki! And to Angela, too!

Angela said...

I got it! Thank you!! :)