Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sixty States?

Did you know that there are sixty states in our country? Obama thinks there are. Check this video out. (I would post it here, but I don't know how.)


MyKidsMom said...

I actually tried to excuse this to someone as exhaustion, but how do you come up with 57? NO matter how you spin the numbers (50 states minus Alaska and Hawaii) the number would not be _7 anything.

Part of why I am not writing much politically is that I'm just flabbergasted that so many are going in this direction. Regardless of the state count, the polls in Kentucky I believe are going to be a reflection of what happens in November; just my personal opinion. But any way you turn, you can be called either prejudice or chauvinistic (Obama or Hilary) which is making me feel like a downright minority in the whole scheme of things (which statement could get me in trouble as well!). So I'm living in a bubble right now;)

Nikki said...

I agree. When you think about all the absudity there is in politics, well, there is way too much. And if you want to blog about it (which you do), then where do you start?

Angela said...
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Angela said...

Sorry...when I re-read my last comment it didn't make any sense.

The general consensus is that he was kidding when he said "57 states," but I don't think he really was kidding. If he was trying to make a joke he did not do it well.

Marva said...

I thnk he is a .......something. I am not sure what, nor am I sure what to think of him. I actually think NOTHING of him. Oh how I wish everyone could see him for who he really is. He is making it clear these days, that is foresure!

There are not many options, but he is not even on my list!

God bless our country during this election.

Blessings Nikki! Thanks for bringing this to our attention!