Friday, May 23, 2008

My Week

Did you ever have a week where you get almost nothing done, to the point that you finally give up and decide to try again next week? That is how my week went. I did not have a single day that went according to schedule or even close to it.

First of all, my computer is not showing the picture of the fire rainbow, and yours may not be, either. If you would like to see it (and I think you should because it's really neat!), here is a link.

Monday, John went out of town. Also, his mother and her husband left that morning around 10:00 which was late enough to disrupt my morning routine. You know how you just cannot get things done when you have company. Especially, when you're waiting for them to leave! I was hoping to get some things done after the children's naps, but my parents invited us over for supper. I really appreciated that, but it meant that I did not get anything else done that day.

Tuesday, our Mommies's Group met. There were only two of us who showed up, but we and our children had a good time at the park.

Wednesday, I was hoping to be home all day and to get back into our routine. Nope. There was a hailstorm in town on Tuesday near the airport where John parked the truck. I had to drive to the airport to make sure that the windshield on the truck wasn't busted (is that a word?). It was fine.

Thursday, Daniel and Sarah Beth had a doctor's appointment. Both of them got shots which was awful. I hate it when my children get shots. Thankfully, my mother went with us. I don't know how I would have comforted both children without her. And Daniel was fussy all afternoon. Poor fella.

Friday, I gave up. John got home late last night, actually this morning, at 2:00 a.m.. He was here this morning, and Sarah Beth and I enjoyed spending some time with him. At this point, I decided that my weekly chores would just have to wait until next week. I think the floor can wait to be mopped, the bathroom can wait to be cleaned, etc.. I did, however, change the sheets on our bed. Of course, right after I did that, the new ones I ordered came in. The question now is whether it is worth it to un-make the bed I already made just so I can use our new sheets. I don't know.

The worst thing about this week is that I was supposed to be working on the nursery schedule for this summer because it starts next week. I have not had the time. As soon as I sit down to start calling people, one of the children needs me. With John home, hopefully I can make some calls tonight. But it's Friday, and people may not be home.

I hope next week is better.


daynagonzalez said...

I have weeks like that ALLLLLL THHEEEE TIIIIIIIMMMMMEEEEE!!!!!! But other weeks are great, so it all evens out in the end. :0)

Marva said...


I am very hard on myself as you my friend. I am learning to chill make you do that!;)

Next week will be better, then the next will be just works that way........I think.

We are blessed and that is what counts. Thank you Lord for the day you have made.

Blessings sweet friend! Hang in there!!!! Thinking of you.......

MyKidsMom said...

Thanks for the link- absolutely beautiful!

With little ones, your schedule always has to be adjustable (the voice of experience here;). Unfortunately, I still feel like I have weeks where I don't get much-needed projects done. I just remind myself that as long as my hubby and kids are happy, the rest can wait. That un-mopped kitchen floor won't matter 10 years from now:).