Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Daniel's Baptism

Here are the pictures of Daniel's baptism that I promised last week. I wish that you could see all the fancy stitching on the baptismal gown because it is lovely. My mother made it for Sarah Beth, but we will use it for all of our children's baptisms. Sarah Beth will get to keep it for her children when she is grown up.

This is John's mother.

This picture has my parents in it.

We had to take a few with Sarah Beth, but she wasn't happy because we took her out of the nursery. She loves playing in the nursery and often cries when we get her to take her home. Look at that lower lip; you really can ride to town on it!


PJ said...

I found you from a comment you had left. Probably on 2nd Cup of Coffee or My Kids Mom or.... Occasionally I just click around the blogosphere. I usually comment when I visit a new just feels more polite than lurking!! LOL

MyKidsMom said...

I love family pictures, these are great! And consider it a blessing that Sarah Beth likes the nursery so well; I've spent many a service with little ones who wailed the whole time because they didn't want to be in there (not mine, other people's :)

And now a questian for you: Do you have an email address? If you do (and don't mind giving it out) could you send it to me at ?

Farrah said...

Hi there!

I found your blog through Babychaser. What a beautiful family you have. I love the baptism pics! I was reading through your blog and saw that you were pondering getting a sling for your new little one. If you are still thinking about it and have any questions, I would love to talk to you more about it.
I think Babychaser has one of my slings (BabyLove Slings) so you could ask her too. :)
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or are still considering getting a sling. I can't live without mine! :)
Many Blessings! Thanks for sharing pics of your family and some really great recipes. I will be stopping by again sometime.


IF said...

He is getting so big!! I can't believe it!!! Happy birthday to Sarah Beth too!!! They are growing too fast! I forgot how nice this infant stage is where they can't roll anywhere!!! lol. But that is a fun stage too....
So how are you doing? Have you gotten all settled in yet? Your new place looks cool and that little pool is perfect!!!
We are hanging in there. This is really hard work. Especially when they both need mama!!!!
Have a great day,

Marva said...

Great pics! What a wonderful day! Hope all is well! Blessings!!!!