Friday, May 2, 2008

Big Sister!

I would like to paint a picture for you, if I can. This afternoon I was reading in the library with Daniel and Sarah Beth. Daniel was lying on a quilt my mom made for him; it is white squares alternated with blue ones that also have the moon and stars on them. I really like this blanket. Sarah Beth was kneeling beside him wearing her pink jacket that she had found among her toys. She insisted that I put it on her this morning despite the 80 degree weather, and she has worn it all day. She also had on a pair of blue shorts with many pockets which looks so cute on her.

Anyway, Sarah Beth was kneeling beside Daniel with a few diaper wipes in her hand. She wiped his mouth a couple of times, then his leg, and finally his hands. I enjoyed watching her try to take care of Daniel that way I take care of him and the way I take care of her. It's nice knowing that she has maternal instincts already at the age of not-quite-two, and all I need to do is encourage her. Mommy's little helper.

I also discovered today that I underestimate Sarah Beth. She brought me something she had gotten out of a cabinet, and I asked her to put it back. I really did not think she would, but she did. I have got to do better!


MyKidsMom said...

As they say, like mother, like daughter. Our kids are really just miniatures of us. I know girls who don't like their mothers, but still act just like them (it's almost comical). It can be a startling reminder that we have to be careful of what we say and so(wait till she gets a little older:).

The nice part is that it goes both ways; they can pick up on good qualities and behaviours as well. Sometimes when hubby and I are talking I repeat a phrase I read once in the little house books "little pitchers have big ears", LoL. MY oldest likes to listen to our conversation now, and it makes me be much more careful about saying negative things about other people.

These little people sure keep us on our toes huh?

Nikki said...

ppeanDon't I know it! John missed a turn one day and said "shoot!" Then we heard Sarah Beth in the back saying "Shtoo, shtoo." She was trying to say "shoot" like her daddy.

IF said...

I apparently say Oh No a lot! haha.
THey are so cute. I am so happy she is such a wonderful little helper! I hope Iza is the same way.
I hope you are getting some much needed rest after all that moving and packing and unpacking. It is so weird how more boxes to put up seem to appear out of nowhere. All of our books are still boxed waiting on a book shelf... One day soon, I hope!