Monday, March 24, 2008


Daniel's diaper rash is much improved. There are no longer any bleeding lesions, and it looks like a normal diaper rash now. I am going to continue using the expensive diaper rash ointment the doctor prescribed until all the redness is gone, but I am so glad that it's getting better. With the improvement in his rash, his attitude has gotten better. John asked me last night if I had switched babies in the nursery yesterday. (Daniel was crying too loudly for the church service.) He has been much better again today. The only problem with Daniel feeling better is that he is sleeping better during the day, so he is getting up more often at night. Ugh!

One horse down, three to go. We gave our two-year old away because we did not have any luck selling him. He has been on the market off and on for almost a year, and we had very few calls about him. No one even came to look at him. We offered him to the girl who house/horse sits for us when we are out of town, and she came to pick him up today. Now we just have three more to get rid of, but we want to sell those.

Why are my children opposed to my napping? Usually, it is Daniel who keeps me awake, but Sarah Beth was the culprit today. It is not like I want and expect a two hour nap (although that does sound wonderful); a 15-20 minute nap would be enough. It's like they have ESP about when I lie down. Oh, well. Soon enough I will look back fondly on these sleep-deprived days, I guess.


mykidsmom said...

Have I mentioned how my first two babies never napped during the day for more than 20 minutes? It was during this time that I learned how to wash my hair and shower in about 5 minutes flat, LoL.

Take care Nikki:)

Nikki said...

Mykidsmom, I have learned how to take very fast showers, also, but I have to admit that I enjoy longer ones on days when John is home to watch the kids!