Saturday, March 1, 2008

A New Appreciation

Sarah Beth seems to have found a new appreciation for her mommy. Usually when John gets home from work, she is all over him all evening and pretty much ignores me. Last night was different; she wanted me to read her some books and play with her. She wanted her daddy to play with her, too, but not exclusively. I think she took me for granted before Daniel was born, and now that she has to share me with him, she appreciates me more. This new appreciation has good points and bad points. After spending all day with her, it was nice to have a little time off when John got home. But it's also nice to be appreciated. I know that John is glad that he doesn't have to do all the entertaining in the evenings anymore. So, I guess I'll take it.

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mykidsmom said...

Oh yes, mommy is not her exclusive property anymore, Lol.

I actually worked so hard to get my daughter to be a Daddy's girl- and she is somewhat in that she adores him and loves on him all the time.

But I would be the one she would pick if she were stranded on a desert island (along with her stuffed animals, Lol).