Friday, March 14, 2008


Oh, how wonderful is the quiet of a house where both children are sleeping at the same time!!

I have two sweet friends who helped break up the monotony of being stuck at home this week. Laura had my two children and me over Tuesday morning just to get out of the house for a little while. Sarah Beth had such a great time playing with other children which she does not get to do very often since we live so remotely. I enjoyed having an adult to talk with. Laura even fed us lunch (well, not Daniel since I'm feeding him). We got home in time for naps, and both Sarah Beth and Daniel were tuckered out after a busy morning. (Good naps for them means good, quiet time for mommy to recharge!)

Ivy came over yesterday evening with Iza and brought us supper from Sticky Fingers. Yummy! I love their pulled pork plate. Unfortunately, they were out of their drunken apples, but Ivy brought me an apple dessert with vanilla ice cream. Oh, it was so good! But better than the food was the time I got to spend with Ivy since she lives most of the time in Poland.

P.S. Laura "tagged" me, so I will get to that as soon as I can.


Marva said...

That is wonderful, you so needed and deserved a break! I know it gets so tiresome! Blessings on you and so glad you got some quiet time too!


daynagonzalez said...

Hey Nikki! My mom told me about seeing you this week and I finally remembered to read your blog!

I well remember those days that you are experiencing right now. What a blessing that you have such great friends!

Nikki said...

Thanks, Marva, it was sooo good to get out and spend time with friends.

Dayna!!! I'm so excited to hear from you! I'll check out your blog to see how you are doing.

daynagonzalez said...

I just started it today!