Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Big Sister!

I got out my Bjorn carrier yesterday to see how Daniel likes it. (Sarah Beth hated it when she had to face in; she wanted to see out!) I may start walking the dirt roads around our house soon if the beautiful weather holds out, and I need some way to carry Daniel since I do not have a double stroller yet. Anyway, Sarah Beth saw me using it with Daniel, and she decided to try it this morning! But not with Daniel.


Marva said...

Whata great Mommy Sara Beth will make one day!!! Too cute!! Blessings!!!!

~Babychaser~ said...

So cute!!! I am planning something similar. I have a front pack too that I used for DS, but this time I'm excited to have a Baby Love Sling. I'm hoping to really like it. It works for DS too when I need it too, but it will cradle my little girl with me whenever I need. I figure when I'm out and about on walks I will wear her and push DS in the stroller (also only a single).

Oh, and I was worried about grocery shopping. DH, DS and I go together, but there would be no place for my 15 month old to be if we put the baby in the carseat where DS usually sits in the cart. He is not old enough to be trusted anywhere else. So I'm just going to wear her then too! :)

IF said...

Too cute!! I am so glad she is such a sweet little helper! I hope Izabella is good with our next one as well. I can only imagine it is a little shock to them when mommy is busy with baby number 2 and doesn't have all of the time like she used to with just one.