Saturday, February 16, 2008

Birthing Story

I think I have time now to write my birthing story. John took Sarah Beth out for a while, and Daniel is asleep. But you know how quickly things can change. By the way, so far he is a very good baby. Thursday night -- our first night home -- was rough, but last night was pretty good. He went 3 1/2 hours the first time and a little over 4 the second time between feedings. Yes, that means that I only had to get up with him twice. Oh, how I hope that continues! My sweet husband offered to get up with him if I needed him to. But I didn't since I only had to get up twice!! Thursday night I was up four or five times with him, and John was up once, too. It was bad. And, yes, Babychaser, sleep is so much more comfortable now. I can sleep on my belly again!!

Tuesday morning we arrived at the hospital at 6:15 for me to be induced. They were really busy; they had 6 or 7 planned inductions, 6 or 7 planned C-sections, and 5 people had come in that night in labor. It was 7:30 before my nurse got my IV in and the Pitocin started. My doctor came in at 8:30 and broke my water. At that time, my nurse put my name on the list for an epidural which I received at 9:30. I was just starting to wish for one but wasn't desperate yet. It was a great epidural; I could feel a lot, but there was no pain. Oh, and my parents arrived around 9:00.

Things progressed fairly rapidly. I can't remember exactly when I was what, but I was fully dilated around noon. My nurse called my doctor who told her to have me "practice" push a few times, so I did three or four times. Between lying flat on my back and my epidural, those pushes were not very effective, so my nurse sat me up for one. Just one because that one was very effective. She called my doctor back and told her that she needed to get there. I could feel Daniel's head, and I wanted to push him out, but I waited for my doctor. However, Daniel did not want to wait. I could feel him moving down the birth canal, and I warned my nurse that here he comes! I felt his head pop out and then his body. When the doctor arrived, the nurses had suctioned him, the cord was cut, and he was getting cleaned up on the warming table. Oops! I didn't think it was a very big deal because it just happened and nothing went wrong.

Daniel was 7 pounds, 15 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long. That is exactly how big Sarah Beth was when she was born. She was born at 12:01, and he arrived at 12:18. Isn't that funny?

The thing is that my parents were in the room for all of this, and my dad is a physician. He was extremely upset by the fact that the doctor wasn't there, one of the nurses didn't have sterile gloves on, I wasn't draped sterilely, etc.. I cannot tell you how many people came in my room later to apologize for my labor going the way it did. Honestly, I still don't think it was a big deal because everything turned out all right, but I know that they were just trying to cover themselves. My doctor told me that I tore less than she would have cut for an episiotomy, so I'm glad she wasn't there. I don't hurt nearly like I did with Sarah Beth, and I'm sure that's part of the reason.

Anyway, that's my birthing story. If you have any questions about something I may have forgotten, let me know. Just please don't hate me for how easy it was; I already have one jealous friend!


~Babychaser~ said...

I promise not to hate you... or even be jealous! :) That was so much easier than DS's... you give me hope that this one will be easier. :)... ah... 3 weeks and I'll have my own birth story to write. Maybe I should finish DS's birth story before my little girl gets here... so I don't get them all confused down the road! :)


Fox Family said...

Congratulations He is a doll. God Bless you all. Delilah

IF said...
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IF said...

Yeah!!! I am so glad it was so easy!!! I am so happy and I am hoping mine is the same way! You have given me hope that second babies are easier!! That is too funny that it happened without even the doctor there and I am so glad you did not tear bad. That was the hardest part for me coming home in all that pain for weeks. Of course only time will tell but I hope it is that way for me too! He is so cute! I can't wait to see you all! I totally got all teary eyed when I saw him!

Marva said...

Congratulations!!!!! Many blessings on your family. I am son happy for you. I also am glad things went smoothly and there were no complications. Blessings always!

mykidsmom said...

Believe it or not, hearing your delivery story makes me want to have another one! LoL It is such an amazing thing when a new little person enters the world! And I'm glad to hear it went smoothly- one of mine had to be nurse-delivered too. Congratulations!!!